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Aug 12, 2002
Two new influential mixes added to

Thee-o - Classic Old Skool mix.
A personal favorite of mine, this 1992 mix is filled with lots of whites and rare classics. Originally released as a double sided mixtape with the Kandyman.

Ron D. Core and DJ Dan - 26 Red Project
Back when it was all just techno, here's another 1993 classic from LA's DX2 project. Released to promote 26 Red Clothing, this tape has somehow managed to survive countless playbacks.

Look under the "WHY" section to find out why they're there.
All mixes are in Streaming Real Audio.
Lots of other mixes by myself and others there for you too.



mixes: mp3
Run to the Sun

Zero Suburban Base Dedication Mix

000 - 2/16/02
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