Event RELIGION //Sankey's MCR - 18/12/09 - OriginalSin/Breakage/RaggaTwins/Blame+ManyMore

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    Religion is back at Sankeys for another sizzling sermon, and this time they present two huge sessions to cap a memorably festive drum and bass feel at Ancoats’ HQ.

    It’s hard not to avoid the overtly religious tones of, ahem, Religion, especially so at this Xmas tree decorating, frantic card writing and calorific-agonising time. But with two stonkingly good parties to contend with in the space of just two weeks, the guys have come up with arguably the elusive spirit of Xmas right here, an aural elixir to be administered with impunity, pulsating like the lights in everyone’s front room windows.

    Friday 18th December is set to be rammed with eager disciples coming to pray at the altar of drum and bass in its myriad forms. In the truest spirit of drum and bass, it’s another heavenly serving of talent taking over all three hallowed rooms at Sankeys, representing not only amazing value for money but also distilling some of the very best names into one orgasmic aural session. Religion has helped shape the club’s new direction, embracing a raw and pulsating sound which has seen all Religions packed out so far, and this trend is long set to continue, drawing drum and bass followers from all over the UK.

    Led by the Santa Hat-wearing quartet of Coki, Chef, Cotti and Blame, there’s a festive platter of drum and bass so extensive you will spilt for greedy choice. Original Sin, Ragga Man, Oneman and Rattus Rattus & Klose One jostle against Sappo& XTC, Ruthless Kombo and MC Tonn Piper – and that’s not even half of what’s going on!

    It’s only fitting too that Religion also get to see out 2009 and usher in 2010 in a finely riotous style – keep eyes and ears peeled for more info.

    It’s time to be a part of Religion....

    Religion - Friday 18th December

    Sankeys, Beehive Mill, Radium Street, Manchester, M4 6JG

    The Full Line-Up






    Original Sin

    Ragga Twins


    Rattus Rattus & Klose One

    Ken Evil

    The Evil Boogaloo Club

    Murkage Cartel

    Sappo& XTC

    MC Tonn Piper

    Ruthless Kombo


    Outlander & Gloxxy

    James G & MRB

    MC Karmic EVO & MC Skeez

    More TBC


    £10 NUS and Early Bird, £12 B4 12pm, £15 Others

    10.30PM - 6AM

    Tel: 0161 236 5444



    FOR INFO CALL 0161 832 1111

    Please follow the link and enter 'Sankeys LTD Manchester' http://maps.google.co.uk/maps

    IF YOU LOOK YOUNG PLEASE BRING ID as we want you all to get in and have a great time.

    Coaches and Trains:-

    All info can be found from the follow sites, just enter where your coming from on the date given above.

    Coach :- http://www.nationalexpress.com

    Train :- http://www.nationalrail.co.uk