Relevant Parties Podcast Series - Exit Records

William Stutter

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Jul 12, 2013
In the next episode of our monthly podcast series RELEVANT PARTIES, we speak to producer, DJ and founder of @exitrecords, Darren White, better known as @dbridge_exitrecords. Since 2003, his label has dropped music that’s “true to the craft,” exploring new avenues of sound and helping reshape UK club culture in the process, through an eclectic mix of drum and bass, jungle, autonomic, footwork, juke, hip-hop, and soul.

The label’s roster includes legendary acts such as @goldie-official’s Rufige Kru project, British multi-instrumentalist Steve Spacek, Northern Irish producer @calibresignature, and production duo Instra:mental, as well as contemporary drum and bass producers like @jeffreydolenz, @fixate_uk, @workforce_uk, and dBridge himself.

For this episode, RELEVANT PARTIES host Chal Ravens sat down with dBridge, currently based in Antwerp, to explore the world of Exit Records and his own personal backstory. Together, they discussed how he threw himself into drum and bass after a turbulent childhood, became a pioneer of digital technology before returning to analogue machines, and his unerring desire to push things forward.

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