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Discussion in 'Production' started by Josephm561, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Quick question, A small internet label want to Sign a tune to release it on beatport and i was wondering what that means..i.e what do they recieve and what do I recieve if it got really popular ( not sounding big heading but i mean theoretically as i would like to know what im getting myself into before i agree to something) Would i have to sign some kind of contract with them stating the rights to the money made from the purchase and who it goes to and the copyright of the track? I dont know anything so if anybody could kindly let me know how this works it would be much appreciated.
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    some labels will have a contract, some will not. i read an interview with the head of metalheadz, he said everyones his friend so they don't bother with that shit.

    what you get & what they get is down to them, your best bet is to ask them everything you have asked us.

    at the end of the day mate, if its your first release, any puplicity is good puplicity.

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    Read the contract - thoroughly! If they won't give you a contract, forget the deal, unless you're willing to work for free. Also make sure it is a non-exclusive deal, otherwise you won't be able to use your tracks ever again, if your track gets big, you'd be pissed that you can't release it yourself on an album later.

    The good stuff about working with labels, particularly the bigger ones is the publicity, but they often tend to cut you a raw deal. Use them to get your name out there if you're unknown. I've worked with many fairly substantial labels & producers etc in my time. Most recently I've been working on Electro-Funk under the moniker 'LektroiD', I was signed to various labels, such as Dominance Electricity (Germany), Binalog Productions (Athens), and Street Sounds (UK). I also remixed a number 1 hit from the '80s. I've set my own label up now and released an album on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp etc, which did surprisingly well, but I have a feeling that was mainly due to all the publicity I'd got in the scene from being published on other labels.

    Bandcamp is great if you want to get your tunes out fast and instant returns, iTunes Amazon etc is a slower turnaround, and takes about a fortnight to get your tunes up, but more widespread. I use Bandcamp for all my pre-release stuff.
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    If its a small internet label the contract will probably say 45% to you and 55% to the label, and there probably will be something in the contract saying that if the release makes less than £100 they dont have to pay you anything.

    If you get a release on small label dont expect to make any money, just be happy that you got something out there. The chances of your tune blowing up on Beatport or any other sites would be like winning the lottery...

    And most of these internet labels hardly do any promoting anyway so its very hard to get yourself noticed against all the other thousands of tunes that get released every week these days...
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    ^ this