Releases Today 17/10/11


Hmph..... silly...
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Mar 3, 2011
Way of the Warrior LP
Ammunition Recs - Bite the Bullet LP
TC - Tap Ho / Don't Play
Grafix - Encore / Millenium
Command Strange & Intelligent Manners - More Than You Know / Sweetest Goodbye
Heavy1 - Scramble / Voyager 2 (album sampler)
Amoss - Minus / Splitface
Harvest - Outsiders / Prophecy
Need For Mirrors - Zercon / Smack
State of Mind & Black Sun Empire - Ronald Reagan / Pitch Dryfter

too much money spent today it's not even funny


Dec 3, 2010
That command strange & intelligent manners tune is a a BEAUT!

Flicked onto intelligent manners sc page while i was on it and saw he's doing a couple releases for good looking too...

Put a big smile on my face to think good looking are back in business & that they're kicking off with intelligent manners!
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