Releases this week/9 - 11th Sept


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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
New Releases:

Total Science 'Rated X/Good Inside/Eastern Promise/Starburst' EP
Deep Blue 'The Helicopter Tune (C4C Rmx)' [Moving Shadow]
DJ Zinc 'Fair Fight/As We Do' [Bingo]
Jonny L 'Dirt/Trouble' [Piranha]
Special Forces 'Miracle/What I Need' [Photek]
Special Forces 'The End/Babylon' [Photek]
Danny C '123/Klonk' [Portica]
Red One 'Believe in U/Don't Stop' [Liftin' Spirits]
Mary J Blige 'Real Love/Rainy Dayz' [MJB]
Aphrodite 'Ganja Man ft Deadly Hunta/Heat Haze' [Aphrodite]
Undercover Agent 'Oh Gosh!(A Sides Rmx)/Understand' [Juice]
M.I.S.T. 'What Ya Gonna Do?/Logik' [Flex Classics]
London Electricity 'In the Waiting Room CD' [Hospital]


Loxy & Ink 'Fifth Element- Can You Draw Sound?' LP [Architecture]
Twisted Individual 'Sore Throat/Beet Dripping' [Grid]
Technical Itch 'Destiny/Contaminate' [Penetration]

Anyone know of anymore?
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