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Dec 3, 2001
Kingz Lyn, UK
New Releases:

Ram Trilogy 'Beastman/Electro Melody' [Ram]
Fresh, BC, Trace 'Mutated EP' [Breakbeat Punk]
Baron 'The Split/Corporate Fire' [L Plates]
Twisted Individual 'The F Word/Swab Test' [Formation]
V/A 'Nico presents Acolyte from Jungle to Drum & Bass LP' [No U-Turn]
V/A 'Nico presents Acolyte from Jungle to Drum & Bass CD' [No U-Turn]
Lemon D 'Lemon D EP' [Reinforced]
Gen 'Rhythmicon/Cas 8' [Fokuz]
Orion 'Set Free/Corridor' [Purified Audio]
Bioforge 'Centron/Nightwatch' [Acetate]
Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance 'Kysha/Sweet Tooth' [Reinforced]
Blue 'Despised' [Streetbeats]


Tronik 100 'Nightfever EP' [Renegade Recordings]
Sonic & Silver 'The Harder they Come/Prelude' [L Plates]
Visionary 'Zion Remix/Rockdrum' [Vinyl Syndicate]
Total Science 'Hot Spot/Love 2 U' [Timeless]
TC 'Resonator' [BS1]
Alpha Omega 'Got Me So/Fractions' [Armour Plated]
Project 51/Substrata 'The Volunteer/Cerulian' [G2]
Two of my favourite promos going to be released :cry:

(Beast Man and F-Word)
dRiFT said:
I did get the F-Word promo, but in my opinion it's quite overrated. I just play it for comedy value really :)

Goes down very well when played :)
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