Releases / Promos w/c 5th July 2004


This is Dog Fort
VIP Junglist
Bit late due to being on vacation, big up Kenton yo :slayer:

SRD new releases:
RAMM50 various - Ram Raiders Vol.06 [Ram]
EXIT002 D-Bridge - Original World / Tradition [Exit]
TECH025 Skyver and D-Jon - Beastie General / All That Stands [Technique]
REFORM010 Crystal Clear - Lets Get Started / Original Ridem [Reformed]
BASIC003 Materia - Impact (Paradox remix) / Impact (original) [Basic]

SRD promos:
CRSE039 Commix - Herbie / Vibrations [Creative Source]
DOD001 Ray Keith - Chopper / Chopper VIP [Dread]
REFORM011 various - Reformatted EP 2 [Reformed]
BLT05 Accident and Emergency feat. Game - Flyest Gangster / The B-Side [Looney Tunes]
VOODOOLTD1 Ghostface - Fallen Angels [Voodoo Ltd]
FRONT073 Hoodrats - Hunter / Empty Club [Frontline]
SIGN008 Undisclosed - Leo [Signs]

ST Holdings new releases:
DFUNKD022 FX909 - Element of Life / Lady [Defunked]
FIX010 Splittin Atoms - Mr Miyagi / Snakes & Ladders [Fix]

ST Holdings promos:
31R023 Stranjah - Runiz / Red Dessert [31 Records]
31R022 Artificial Intelligence - Silicone Valley / Inside [31 Records]
CUBIK006 Peshay - Jammin / Bongo Music [Cubik]
CITRUS014 Falcon - The Freak Show / Rollin [Citrus]
FILM004 Big Bud - Rice N Beans / Dirty Mr Kurti [Sound Trax]
ILL003 Ill Skillz vs Concord Dawn - Watch Me Know / Platinum (Illskillz remix) [Ill Skillz]
FOKUZLTD002 Noisia vs Predator & ADJ - Cloud Shine / Dry Tears [Fokuz Limited]
PHUTURO018 Juju - Lightning / Exotica [Phuturo]
PD001 Neil Mac vs Mr P - Soul Glow / Tell Me Sumtin [Pandemic]
VIO013 Gridlok - Tricks EP [Violence]

Nu Urban new releases:
BP005 Citadel of Chaos - Citadel of Chaos Vol.5 [Boombastic Plastic]
RPG007 Phantasy & Shodan feat. UK Apache - Gimme Da Gal (Vocal & Dub mixes) [Ganja]
PIVOTAL017 Fly - Music Is So Special EP [Pivotal]
RN002 DJ Kryptic - Going Down / Sundown [Restless Natives]
TR002 Tango & Ratty - Tales From The Darkside Remix / Final Conflict Remix / The Killer VIP [TR]
STEP003 Royce & Freesteppa - Galactica / Tonight [Steppasoundz]

Nu Urban promos:
CODED002 Rawthang - Bonesplitter / Headbutt [Coded]
GRAFFS001 Beny Page - Neckbreaker / Kist [Graff Series]
MM003 Modified Motion - Dominator / The Choice [Modified Motion]
SOLID002 Buju Banton - Boom Bye Bye (D&B mixes) [Solid]