Releases / Promos w/c 30th June 2003

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Nov 29, 2001

ST Holdings
DC002 Basic Unit – Rising Tide / Dub Principles [Deepest Cut]
SUICIDELP002 Klute – Lie, Cheat & Steal Part 2 [Commercial Suicide]
SPACER003 Sonic – Still Dreaming EP [Space]
SOULR006 various – Soul:ution Series 1 Part 3 [Soul:R]

CUBIK002 Blue Skin – Warrior Funk LP [Cubik]
FORM12100D Influx Datum / DJ SS – Sing Out / Fingers [Formation]
TPR12046 Pascal – Johnny 2003 (BC remix) / Flip It [True Playaz]
TOV57 Baron – Channel X / Name Game [Trouble on Vinyl]
MSX023 Cujo – Killahurtz EP [MSX]
RR43 various – Renegade Rollers Vol. 3 [Renegade Recordings]
UFO003 Floyd Dice vs Ray Keith – Baby (Original & Instrumental) [UFO]
ICOM031 60 Minute Man – Ten Love EP [Intercom]
ABPR18 Gridlock – Horizon / Search [Audio Blueprint]

Alpha Magic
OUTBLTD10 Cruel Intentions – Chinese Water Torture / Don’t Hold Back [Outbreak Ltd]
MV005 Imagination D / Pish Posh & Chris Young – The War Is Over (Illskillz remix) / The Angels Cry [Magic Vinyl]
SDR008 Gridlock – Under The Knife / Mirage [Sudden Death]
RUFF062 Enda – Off The Grid / Halo Manouvers [Ruff Tek]

Nu Urban
EAST055 Break – The Breakout EP [Eastside]
HG001 Cam / Chrissy Chris – My Heart / Hot Shots [High Grade]
INV008 Juju – Space Vato / Voodoo [Invaderz]
MEDIA005 Stranjah – Don’t Wanna (Distorted Minds remix) / Changed feat. Outlook [Media]
NOKIA004 Unknown vs Ms Jade & Nelly Furtado – Ching Ching (D&B remix) [white]
PAN002 Unknown vs Punjabi MC – Knightriderz [white]
PF007 Giana Brothers – Trithium / Katakombe [Pathfinder]


ST Holdings
COW001 Digital – 10’ers / Screamer [Cosmic Web]
DCI001 Davide Carbone feat. MC Jakes – Dum Dum / Get Down [Industry]
RL004 Optiv vs Concord Dawn – Zulu / Quattro [Red Light]

TPR12047 Dope Skillz – Alarmed EP [True Playaz]
EMF2052 Silver – Soundcontrol / Light Mind [Emotif]

Alpha Magic
OUTBLTD12 Resonant Evil – Bunker Buster / Doomsday Device [Outbreak Ltd]

Nu Urban
DIR004 Spree – I Want You / Believe (Cappo Regime remix) [Direct]
DSR003 Distorted Minds – Fightclub / Looking For Us VIP [D Styles]
MSR002 Kaleb – Juice (Danny C remix) / Juice [Midnight Sun Recordings]
SV006 Mr Quest & Flying Doc – Jerlipy feat. Ragga Twins / Everysound feat. Lady C [Sold Vinyl]


Knowledge Magazine – Andy C cover, ASC / Covert Operations mix CD.
RAMMLP6CD Andy C presents ‘Nightlife’ [Ram]

This list will be updated throughout the week - Watch this space ;z

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these 3 been delayed then?

Omni Trio - Renegade Snares Remixes
Influx Datum - Take My/Back For More Remix
Nu Tone - What Goes Around Comes Around

they were all supposed to be next week :(
Renegade snares is shipped on the 4th july now (even tho those mo fos said itll be 23rd June)

i ordered an paid for my copy start of june through movin shadow/www.recordstore..blah.. blahhh
an they just keep bumpin me! :tosser:
its out on the 14th according to SRD but i guess you might get it earlier as you ordered it from shadow
anyone got a link to any tunes off TPR12047 Dope Skillz – Alarmed EP [True Playaz]
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