Releases / Promos w/c 21st June 2004


This is Dog Fort
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ST Holdings New Releases
INNA009 Cujo – Eyes Wide Shut [Inneractive]
PROP002 Rob Sparx / Zen – Road Kill / Plasma [Propaganda]
EMCEE015 Cybin – Tripods (remix) / Contact [Emcee]
DSCI4013 SKC & Chris Su - Blasta / Struggle [DSCI4]

ST Holdings Promos
SUICIDEOSR001 Klute / Fanu – Defunct Drums Depression Decade (Klute Drum Spray) / Perceptron (Fanu remix) [Commercial Suicide vs Offshore]
SPACER009 Sonic – Rusholme / Kashmiri Twist [Space]
SUBTITLESLP001PT3 Future Prophecies – Warlords Rising Chapter 3 – Magnetic / Black Dragon [Space]
SONIX015 Aquasky / Garon – Magnetic / Fo’schizzle [Sonix]
LOVE004 Unknown – Bounty Killa / Pass The Dutch [Love]
NNS01 You Don’t Need To Know / Devize & Karen G – Call It Anything / Spag Bog [No Noise Shit]

SRD New Releases
VLV013 Dillinja – In The Grind / Acid Track (Lemon D remix) [Valve]
BCP02 Cause 4 Concern – Skyharbour / Tracker [BC Presents]
TOV62 Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith – Reverence / Nightmares [Trouble On Vinyl]
NHS74 various – Future Sound of Cambridge [Hospital]
DNAUDIO03 Break & Hydro – Breathless / Deliverance [DNAudio]
SIGN006 Undisclosed – Gemini [Signs]
WAR008 Manhattan Project – Quicktime / Hotstuff [Worldwide Audio]
TI040 DJ Kontrol – Deeper Meaning / Look Inside [Tech Itch]
NBS003 DJ System D – Here’s The Power / Odysseus [Nu Skool Blazers]

SRD Promos
FORMLP14C3 DJ SS – Case File 3 [Formation]
TOV63 Holdtight – Black Magic / Crack Den [Trouble On Vinyl]
TEST010 Lemon D – Pharoahs Order / Tomorrow People [Test]
RH58 Raiden – Utopia EP [Renegade Hardware]
BBC021 Decoder & Substance – Freeze / Pod Bay [Breakbeat Culture]
RR51 Junior Cartel – Somebody [Renegade Recordings]
PBLR032 K.O.T.P. – Hurricane / Pressure [Penny Black Recordings]
FRF12 Perfect Combination – What Will It Take / The Drop [Freeform]

LOAD Media New Releases
CYAN011 Bulletproof – Recoil / Syndicate [Cyanide]
C4C009 Cause 4 Concern – Seawolf / Paranormal [Cause 4 Concern]
HOSTILE003 Sunchase feat. Yana Yay – Remember Me (Illskillz remix) / Remember Me [Hostile]
RHB001 Vector Burn – Oh Boy / Feed [Rehab]
SLRLTD001 Mayhem & Impulse / Pacific – Chamber (Mindscape remix) / Surfacing [Shadow Law Limited]

LOAD Media Promos
CHANEL9618 Amit - Changing Lanes / Changes [Function]
CYANIDE012 Bulletproof & DJ Riddle - Mindframe / Hit Me [Cyanide]
FREAK007 Cartridge - End Of The World / Dark Shadows [Freak]
RHB002 Pacific - Auto Funk / Feels So Right [Rehab Music]
HOSTILE004 Rob F / Rob F & Kiko - Primal / Beholder [Hostile]

Alpha Magic New Releases
GRID027 various - Grid EP [Grid]
SIGNALPD2 Nightwalker - Program 2 Kill / Egyptian Surprise [Signal]
NERVE015 SKC & Cord / Stare - Swarm / Underdog [Nerve]
FRT001 Atomic Tags - Hat / Credit [FRT Recordz]

Alpha Magic Promos
GAIN020 Magna Karta - Punk Jazz / Junk Step [Gain]
DMIND08 Spor - Judderman / The Whisper [Damaged Minds]
OUTBLTD022 Counterstrike - Africanism / Blood Line [Outbreak Limited]
UPO05 Universal Project - Replacement Killers Part 1 / Part 2 [Universal Project]
PRED05 Vital Elements - Swing It Education [Predator]
I know the following Load Promos are out this week too (saw em on Redeye)

Freak007--Cartridge--"End of the World/Dark Shadows"
Rehab002--Pacific--Autofunk/Feels so Right
Cyanide??--Bulletproof & Riddle--Mindframe/Hit Me

Function--Amit--Changing Lanes/Changing


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i can nee wait to get my grubby mits on "in the grind" that choon is hectic. heard it so many at accelerated culture vs one nation.

DJ Lordward

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$marty_B said:
i can nee wait to get my grubby mits on "in the grind" that choon is hectic. heard it so many at accelerated culture vs one nation.
wen i 1st heard In The Grind i thought it was nothin special but now i agree- its hectic. i got the AC v 1N tapepack & ur right, it does get rinsed!