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Nov 29, 2001

31R018 various - Kingz of the Rollers EP [31 Records]
SUICIDELP001 Klute - Lie, Cheat & Steal LP [Commercial Suicide]
DFUNKDLP-PT3 various - Mind, Body & Soul Phaze 3 [Defunked]
VIO005 Keaton & Hive feat. Busdriver - Death Threat [Violence]
NHS56LP London Elektricity - Billion Dollar Gravy LP [Hospital]
FORM12100B DJ Hazard / Generation Dub - No-6 / Detonate [Formation]
TI036 Tech Itch vs Trace / Dylan - Quad / Legend [Tech Itch Recordings]
ADMM33 Red One - Pitch Switch / Screwball [Liftin’ Spirits]
SRP016 various - Crowd Control EP Vol 2 [Skunkrock Productions]
TYME025 various - Timeless Recordings EP Vol 2 [Timeless]
OUTB022 Ink & J Dub - Juggernaut / Muppet Show [Outbreak]
INVD020 Axis of Evil - Drive / Blind Alley [Invader]
HR002 Concord Dawn - Slinky / Junglist [Heavy Rotation]
BROTHER001 Unknown vs Jungle Brothers - I’m A Jungle Brother [white]
BOOM001 Unknown vs Barry Boom - Stand & Deliver [white]
CHE002 Che - On Point Tonight (feat. MCKay) / Find Ur Self [Che]
CHR022 Silver - Get On Down / Soul History [Chronic]
LEGEND003 Unknown - In The Club / Lose Yourself [Urban Legends]

Distributors: S.T. Holdings, SRD, Vinyl UK, Alpha Magic, Nu Urban


PPRO8VS Teebee - Life Continue / Tech G [Photek Records]
DZR001 Ill Logic & Raf - Electrozan / De-lirium [DZR]
FORM12100D Influx Datum & DJ SS - Sing Out / Fingers [Formation]
DCOM004 Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Blueprint / Curse [Defcom Recordings]
CRSE035 Social Security - Take Away / Never Never Land [Creative Source]
RIVET192 The Sonar Circle - EP [Reinforced]
CARGO02 Stakka & K Tee - Intransit / Junkyard [Cargo Records]
MONTHS005 Undisclosed - May
INVD021 Wildchild & Damage - Snow / Punk [Invader]
METAPHR1 Kontrol / Noetic - Cocoon / Captain Log [Metaphore]
SDR08 Gridlock - Under the Knife / Mirage [Sudden Death]
OUTBLD11 DJ Reality - Shadow of Memories / Sphinx [Outbreak Ltd]
CHR023 Unknown - Shizzer My Nizzer [Chronic]
D2001 Detrimental - Tellin Me Lies / Thinkin of You [Detrimental Recordings]
DSCI4009 Paul B & Subwave - Something Sick / Break Through [DSCI4 Recordings]
SIN004 various - Future Flavas EP [Sinuous Records]

Distributors: SRD, Alpha Magic, Nu Urban

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Jan 30, 2002
Can't wait to own that!
Any idea when the new Hazard EP is coming out? missed it on promo thanks to the fucking bellends at massive records birmingham
May you burn in hell you subhuman scum!


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Jul 26, 2002
San Francisco, CA
Originally posted by sdm

CHR022 Silver - Get On Down / Soul History [Chronic]

Cujo just did a tune called "Soul History" for Chronic 21. Is this right? If so, let's by these boys a dictionary or a random song title generator.
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