RELEASES / PROMOS 23/10/09 - INC Drumsound, Marky, Interface + MORE!

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    Phantom / Razzle Dazzle (Friday Shipping 30th October)
    Artist: N Phect
    Label: Fall Out

    Swoop / Funk Me Hard (Friday Shipping 30th October)
    Artist: Sleeper Cell & Maztek
    Label: Sub Culture

    Natural Progression / In The Raw (D Bridge Rmx) (Friday Shipping 30th October)
    Artist: Break, Mako & Andy Skopes
    Label: Utopia Music

    Natural History EP (Friday Shipping 30th October)
    Artist: Blu Mar Ten
    Label: Blu Mar Ten Records
    Description: Includes Full Colour Poster.
    Buy: £ TBC

    Thunder Biscuit (Feat State Of Mind) / Innuendo (Innuendo Phase Three) (Friday Shipping 30th October)
    Artist: Trei
    Label: Samurai Music

    Tec / Duplicity (Friday Shipping 30th October)
    Artist: Survival, Lm1 & Kharm
    Label: Dispatch

    Antique Antic / King Stays King (Friday Shipping 30th October)
    Artist: Martsman, Raiden & Khanage
    Label: Off Key

    Give Me Your Love EP
    Artist: Marky & Spy
    Label: Innerground Records

    Welcome To The Jungle (Tantrum Desire Rmx) / Cape Fear (Tantrum Desire Rmx)
    Artist: Drumsound & Bassline Smith
    Label: Technique Recordings

    Heartache (Feat Ad Apt) / Mr Bidigan (Feat Jo S) (Thursday Shipping 22nd October)
    Artist: Bcee
    Label: Spearhead Records

    18 & Over / Shine Eye Gal (Thursday Shipping 22nd October)
    Artist: DJ Panik & M Rode
    Label: Nu Urban Music

    Is It Good Enough / Like This (Thursday Shipping 22nd October)
    Artist: Slum Dogz
    Label: Maximum Boost Records

    Cyclone / Attack (Thursday Shipping 22nd October)
    Artist: Interface & Snaddon
    Label: Chronic Records

    From Memory (Matrix Rmx) / I Feel Lol
    Artist: Mistabishi
    Label: Hospital Records

    Red Rain Drops / No Excuse (Friday Shipping 30th October)
    Artist: Fourward & Dose
    Label: Fokuz Records

    Surviving The Times (Channel 2 & Noble Rmx) / Sean
    Artist: Nas
    Label: Black Pearl

    Nano / The Unseen
    Artist: Camo & Krooked
    Label: Sudden Def Recordings

    Inductance / Nebular
    Artist: Machine Code
    Label: Mentally Disturbed

    Life On Earth / Insecticide
    Artist: Rregula, Dementia & Proktah Feat Future Signal
    Label: Disturbed

    Stash / Rancore (Friday Shipping 30th October)
    Artist: Propaganda & Meth
    Label: Off Key

    The Path / Black Hole (FREE Recipe Card From The Artist)
    Artist: Jubei
    Label: Ingredients Records

    Afterlife / Bombthreat
    Artist: Sensai & GP Wu
    Label: Subway Soundz

    Arts Of Science EP
    Artist: Allied
    Label: Sinuous Records

    Fyre / The Portal (Basher Rmx)
    Artist: Juggernaut Feat Basher
    Label: Juggernaut

    Automaton / Cold Caller
    Artist: Picto
    Label: Maximum Boost Records

    Sugar Hill / Memory Loss (Friday Shipping 30th October)
    Artist: Lenzman
    Label: Cia Deep Kut

    Million Miles (Vocal Mix) / Million Miles (Dub Mix)
    Artist: Penny Black
    Label: Penny Black

    Super Bass / Outside Moon (Thursday Shipping 22nd October)
    Artist: Marky & Drumagick
    Label: Beat Masters

    Breath Of Steel / First Cosmic
    Artist: Lucio De Rimanez & Gancher
    Label: Future Sickness Recordings

    Sleepwalkers EP
    Artist: Cooh
    Label: Prospect

    Secrets Of Saturn LP
    Artist: Various
    Label: Fokuz Records

    Global Warning / No Soul
    Artist: Camo & Krooked
    Label: Uprising Records

    Conversations / Invitation
    Artist: Mutt Feat Kevin King
    Label: Cia Deep Kut

    Hardcore Will Never Die / The Happening
    Artist: Propaganda
    Label: Position Chrome

    Stranglehold / Blabber Mouth
    Artist: Cause 4 Concern
    Label: Virus Recordings

    Future Sound Of Russia EP
    Artist: Various
    Label: Hospital Records

    Scapegoat / Appetite
    Artist: Randomer
    Label: Med School

    You Never Know / Lonely Dub
    Artist: Serial Killaz
    Label: Killaz

    Airtime / Biometrix (White Label)
    Artist: Basher
    Label: Frequency Recordings

    Begin The Procedure / Dont Give A Sh*t
    Artist: DJ Guv
    Label: Dubz Audio

    So Fine (TC Rmx) / So Fine (Joker Dubstep Rmx)
    Artist: Sean Paul
    Label: Atlantic Recordings

    Book Of The Dead / The Quest
    Artist: DJ Vengeance
    Label: Vengeance Records

    Taiko Dub / Bad Dreams
    Artist: Spmc & Joker D
    Label: Tempa

    In For The Kill (Lets Get Gravy Mix) / Jamrock (Go Large Mix)
    Artist: La Roux & Damien Marley
    Label: White

    Marshall Law / Ministry Of Attack
    Artist: Vital Elements
    Label: V2e

    Redemption / Deep Space
    Artist: Highgrade & Callide
    Label: Corruptive

    Authority / Carnage
    Artist: Body & Soul Vs Fourward
    Label: Virus Recordings

    Where Am I EP
    Artist: Rregula
    Label: Shady Brain

    Konspiracy / Poledancer
    Artist: Marcus Intalex
    Label: Blindside

    Age Of Terror / Scatter Brain
    Artist: Cause 4 Concern
    Label: Cause 4 Concern Recordings

    Space & Time / Betrayed
    Artist: Ant Tc1, Dlr & Survival
    Label: Dispatch

    Crackden / Fatsoul
    Artist: St Files
    Label: Soul R

    Diamonds Shine / Scan Me
    Artist: Utopia
    Label: Breed 12 Inches

    Cutlass / Dont Care
    Artist: Gremlinz & Visionary
    Label: Def Ltd

    Walk N Shank (Feat Jah Screechy) / Say It All
    Artist: DJ Devize & Shookz
    Label: Krookz Inc

    California (Club Mix) / California (Dub Mix)
    Artist: Zarif & Danny Byrd
    Label: Full English

    Quality Not Quantity EP Vol 3
    Artist: Various
    Label: 31 Records

    Stepback Sessions Vol 2 EP
    Artist: Various
    Label: Stepback Sessions

    Paper Cuts / Dancers Riddem
    Artist: DJ Vapour & DJ Madd
    Label: 36 Htz

    1984 / Suffer In Silence (Limited Edition 1 In Only 500 Copies Ever) (White Label) (10")
    Artist: Alix Perez
    Label: Shogun Audio

    After Im Gone (Nero Rmx) / After Im Gone (Tantrum Desire Rmx)
    Artist: Greenlaw
    Label: Formation Records

    Red Letter LP
    Artist: Digital & Outrage
    Label: Function Records

    Spider / Pure
    Artist: Fourward, Body & Soul
    Label: Nasca Records

    Let Me Hold You / Loves Too Tight To Mention
    Artist: Calibre
    Label: Signature Records

    Contact (Noisia Rmx) / Contact
    Artist: Foreign Beggars
    Label: Other

    Talking Head / Ugly Fat Reality
    Artist: Lucio De Rimanez
    Label: Algorythm Recordings

    Battlecat / Grapefruit
    Artist: Donnie Dubson
    Label: Influenza Media

    Grim Noire / Digital ID
    Artist: Dj Hidden & Throttler
    Label: Bug Klinik Records

    Pseudo / Feeling Like We Do / Short Lived (Live For Never LP Sampler)
    Artist: Consequence
    Label: Exit Recordings

    Clissold / Killerwhat
    Artist: Fracture & Neptune
    Label: Astrophonica

    The Prologue EP
    Artist: Data
    Label: Horizons Music

    Envious / Justified
    Artist: Rufige Kru & Commix
    Label: Metalheadz

    The Dawning / Runaway
    Artist: DJ Pleasure
    Label: Stereotype

    Headspace / Top Shelf (Feat Spikey T)
    Artist: Zero T & Mosus
    Label: Liquid V

    Push The Bass / Soundboy Killa
    Artist: Critycal Dub & Acuna
    Label: Chronic Records

    Pimp Slag / Underbelly
    Artist: Shimon, Moving Fusion & Ant Miles
    Label: Audio Porn

    Dirty Money (Amit & Outrage Rmx) / Reclaim The Streets
    Artist: Digital, Amit & Outrage
    Label: Function Records

    High & Low / Thieves In The Night
    Artist: Lenzman & Redeyes
    Label: Integral Records

    Dead By Dawn / Nobody
    Artist: Lemonde
    Label: Valve Recordings

    Cctv / Factory 5
    Artist: Phace, Noisia & Misanthrop
    Label: Neosignal

    Kung Fu / Chasing Dream
    Artist: Morebeat
    Label: Spun

    Pressure Of 10,000 / Flatline
    Artist: Dub One & G Netic
    Label: Soothsayers Recordings

    Splinter / Trident
    Artist: Spirit, Jubei, Sato & Treez
    Label: Inneractive Music

    Esoterica / Illiminism
    Artist: Nucleus & Paradox
    Label: Esoteric Records

    Innuendo Phase One EP
    Artist: Trei
    Label: Samurai Music

    Apologies / Naked City
    Artist: Henree & Hiten
    Label: Cia Deep Kut

    Respect (Feat MC Bassman) / Ying Yan Sect
    Artist: Dj Sly & Pacso
    Label: Class A Records

    Resin (N Phonix Rmx) / Phasm
    Artist: Masheen, N Phonix & Paperclip
    Label: Def Ltd

    R U Ready / Here They Come
    Artist: Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith & Tantrum Desire
    Label: Technique Recordings

    Jungle Book / Mirage (Raiden Rmx)
    Artist: Ink & Perpetuum
    Label: Renegade Hardware

    Song For Lovers (Lynx Rmx) / Match Point
    Artist: Bachelors Of Science
    Label: Horizons Music

    Artist: Spy
    Label: Soul R

    The Sickness / Insane Bitch
    Artist: Amit & Outrage
    Label: Commercial Suicide

    Sweet Spot / Radiate
    Artist: Alley Cat & Vaccine
    Label: Offshore Recordings

    Wickedness Dub / Shadow Of Death
    Artist: Prestige
    Label: Xs Records

    Stay In Touch / Glossy
    Artist: Syncopix
    Label: Spearhead Records

    Hypercaine (Original Mix) / Hypercaine (Nero Dubstep Mix) (Black Vinyl)
    Artist: Fresh BC
    Label: Breakbeat Kaos

    Cryptic (Phace Rmx) / My World (Venom LP Sampler)
    Artist: Jade
    Label: Citrus Records

    Under Control (TC Rmx) / They Live (TC Rmx)
    Artist: Freeland
    Label: Marine Parade