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    Various Artists – Pensamientos Impuros EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Hard Techno
    Darkletvm Records (DR002)

    Various Artists – All Stars EP – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    TooB Records (TOOB009)

    Yamamoto Glasidum – Halation – Techno
    RES Lab (REL010)

    Technikore – Extraordinary – Hardcore
    Supersonik (SNK003)

    Ed E.T & D.T.R – The Ed E.T & D.T.R EP – Hardcore
    Bionic Digital (BIONIC028)

    SubVibe – Damage – Dubstep
    Dirt, Lies & Audio Black (DLAB075)

    Scott Brown – Evolution 100 Vol. 2 – Hardtek
    Evolution Records (ev100ii)

    Omega Drive – Source Ep – Tribal Techno/Hard Groove
    Techno Artillery (TAR013)

    Roman Zawodny – Locked Up EP – Techno
    Urban Kickz Recordings (UKR021)

    Darwin – I Try – Hardcore
    Hardcore Underground (HUDIGI034)

    AJ Busta meets DJ Tom Tom – Funky Soul Free Shit – HardStyle
    Hardstyle Warriorz Records (HSW013)

    Various Artists – Additions – Drum’n Bass
    Acida Records (AR003)

    3phasegenerator – Exosphere – Techno/Detroit Techno/Tribal Techno
    Abyss Records

    Mark Rey – Barcelona EP – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Techsturbation (TECHSTURB009)

    Dephzac, Kung – Aurora EP – Drum’n Bass
    Citrus Recordings (CITRUS201103)

    Fusky – Natural Disaster EP – Techno
    Focus Records (FOCUSDIGI010)

    Various Artists – Set Them Free / Kindness – Drum’n Bass
    IM:LTD (IMLTD024)

    Lifecycle – CPT Bassline EP – Drum’n Bass, Dubstep
    MWM Recordings (MWM037)

    Magnus Ultrasonic7 – Summer’s Here / Lips They Move – Drum’n Bass
    Radar Records (RDR003)'s+Here++/+Lips+They+Move

    Unkown Artist – Fly Life High – Hard Groove/Funky Techno
    P Series (SERIESX006)

    Exium – Planet Rhythm 81 – Techno
    Planet Rhythm (PRRUK081)

    Various Artists – Trail Of The Archangel – Hard Techno/Industrial/Schranz
    Jason’s Mask (JMASKVA02)

    Daniel Bob – Indu – Techno/Hard Groove/Funky Techno
    Lactik Records (LACTIKDIGITALSERIES17)

    Rodrigo Risso – Bits Forms EP – Techno/Hard Groove
    Work Hard Play Hard (WHPHDIG046)

    Distek – Skins EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Sub Cult (SUBCULT EP 49)

    Various Artists – Communism – Drum’n Bass
    T3K (T3K031)[T3K031]

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