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Hernan CL – Home World EP –Techno
Deepna Records (DPN003)

Slanted Species – Beds In The Air EP – Techno
Pretty Neat Records (PNR025)

Krone – Supernatural EP – Drum’n Bass
Fokuz Limited Recordings (FKZLTD025)

Sascha Mueller – 12345678 EP – Techno/Hard Techno/Schranz
Super 6 Records (SSR065)

Melamin, Wicked Sway – Cheaper To Die – Dubstep
Dubline (DUBLINE009)

Random – Up In The Sky – Drum’n Bass
Javabass Recordings (JBR002)

Gammer & Whizzkid – Could Be Real / Jump – Hardcore/Hardstyle
Muffin Music (MUFN011)

Simon Holmes – Skyline / Radiate – Drum’n Bass
Sharkfin Records (SFDIGI012)

Brisk, Vagabond – The Only Ones / Hardcore Habanera / Shouting Out – Hardcore/Hardstyle
Blatant Beats (BB095)

C-System – Kore – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Urban Kickz (UKR016)

Cally, Juice, DJ Yoz – Star – Hardcore/Gabber/Hardstyle
Ourstyle Recordings (OURS032)

Rantan – Make Your Freak EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Techno Artillery (TAR016)

Various Artists – Renigade Wasp / Black Void – Drum’n Bass
Panzar Incus Recordings (UOOPIR001)

Peppelino – Amigos 012 Peppelino – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Amigos Recordings (AMIGOS012)

Operon, ICR – Chemically Dependent EP – Drum’n Bass
Fokuz Recordings (FOKUZ201108)

Various Artists – Special Series 33 – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Special Series (SPSERIES0335)

Atlantic Connection – True Love / Smokey Blue – Drum’n Bass
Prestige Music (US) (PM004)

Miche and Mirzinho – Atom Core EP – Techno/Hard Techno/Hard Groove
Reverse Recordings (REVERSEDIG001)

Kaos, Karl K, Joe Kennedy – Miami Vice / Heat Seeker – Drum’n Bass
Habit Recordings (HBT009)

Unknown Artist – Hardest Technologic – Hard Techno/Schranz

Various Artists – Techno Addicted Re-Edit Samples Vol3 –Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Sexy Grooves (SEXYDIG032)

DJ Clart – Winter Sound / Low Crawls – Drum’n Bass
Influenza Media (INMED020)

Sinestetik – Sounders / Stonehenge Decoded – Drum’n Bass
Deepah Beatz UK (DBUK004)

John Karagiannis – bRave EP – Techno
Focus Records (FOCUSDIG009)

Borderline – Time Taster / Looking Forward – Drum’n Bass
Black Seeds Recordings (BSDGT010)

Du’ Art, Malda – U Name It EP – Techno
Vezotonik (VEZO023)

Gritt – Army Of Discipline / Bleed – Dubstep
Subway Recordings (SUBWAY001212005)

Peppelino – Express Delivery EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Techsturbation (TECHSTURB008)

The Epbeats – White Tail – Drum’n Bass
Habit Recordings (HBT010)

Groove Korp – Move Your Ass – Techno/Hard Grove/Tribal Techno
Startech Records (STARTECH007D)

Various Artists – A Resistencia Do Groove EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Sexy Grooves (SEXY002)

Murdok – Raiden – Dubstep
Filthy Digital (FD037)

Various Artists – Blaze Records – Hard Techno/Schranz
Blaze Records (6)

Various Artists – Wise Up – Techno/Hard Groove/Funky Techno
Upfront Records (UPF-NS003)

Macca – Macca EP – Drum’n Bass
Project 7 Records (PR007EP)

Drastic Noise – Elettronic World – Techno
Fuck Muzik Factory

Various Artists – Privatti 22 – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Privatti Records (PRIVATTI22)

Nelver – Touching Soul – Drum’n Bass
Kill Inc Drum & Bass (KINC032)

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