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Alix Perez, Redeyes & Mutt – Watching U / Virtue – Techno
Prestige Music (US) (PM001)

Roberto Bernabe – Stolen Heart – Detroit Techno/Techno
Suedgut (SUED07)

Mark Williams – The Untold Tribute EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
GT Muzike (GTMUZIKE007)

Thomas Will – Tiempos Alarmantes – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Techno Artillery (TAR093)

Hustler Hardneck, Joey Riot – Hardstyle Pioneers – Hardcore/Hardstyle
Quarantined Red (QR0011)

Project 7 – Project 7 EP – Drum’n Bass
Dirt, Lies & Audio Black (DLAB045EP)

Various Artists – Urban Kickz Recordings – Techno/Acid Techno/Hard Groove
Urban Kickz Recordings (UKR010)

L33 – Mad World – Drum’n Bass
Ammunition Recordings (ARDIG061)

Various Artists – I’m Free – Techno
Royal One Records (ROR063)'m+Free

The End Is Part Of The Dance – The End Is Part Of The Dance – Techno
Tuff Love Dubs (TUFF018)

FJH – Plankton Skun – Drum’n Bass
MWM-Recordings (MWM035)

12Guage – Buckshot EP – Drum’n Bass
MWM-Recordings (MWM034)

DJ Link – Amigos 10 The Remixes – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Amigos Recordings (AMIGOS0105)

Unknown Artist – Calenda / Outer House – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
P Series (P060)

Various Artists – Do You Understand Me – Schranz/Hard Techno
Domestic Violence (DV015)

Various Artists – Emphatic 09 – Techno/Acid Techno/Hard Groove
Emphatic Records (EMPHATIC009)

Various Artists – N.M Records 04 – Techno/Acid Techno/Hard Groove
NM Recordings (NMREC004)

Various Artists – The Abyss EP – Drum’n Bass
Fokuz Recordings (FOKUZ201107)

Kobaya – Best Of / David Moleon Remixes – Techno/Hard Groove
Basics (BASICS011)

Bad Robot – Dr. Woman / Lateral Hazard – Drum’n Bass
Habit Recordings (HBT012)

Malsum Krone – We Are Not Alone / Babylon 21 – Drum’n Bass
Syndrome Audio (SYNDROME018)

Various Artists – Rasta Phase EP – Drum’n Bass/Jungle
Interphase Digital (IPHD005)

Erupshyn – Believe – Techno
Club a Club Records (CAC003)

Various Artists – Liquid Fabrix – Drum’n Bass
Sweet Science Records (006)

Dualitik – Distinto Basico – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno

Hironimus Bosch – Bass Instinct – Drum’n Bass
Subtribe Records (SUBTRIBE056)

Cooh – Nedal EP – Drum’n Bass
Tsunami Audio (TSA003)

Various Artists – SUBCULTEP48 – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
Sub Cult (SUBCULTEP48)

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