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    Thomas Will, Spektral – Real EP. – Techno/Acid Techno/Hard Techno
    Underground Family Records (UF003)

    Jesus Escobar, Chu 5 – I Got Caught EP – Techno
    E-motion Recordings

    Barbers – Drink and Smoke – Hardtechno/Schranz
    Kaos Extreme (KE012)

    Toxic – Root Down – Hardcore/HardStyle
    Ourstyle Recordings (OURS030)

    Cold Fusion, Jamie D, Fuj – Machine / Trouble In Paradise – Drum’n Bass
    Grey Sessions (UOOGREY003)

    Brisk, Darwin – Make U Mine / Let’s Live Forever / Let’s Live Forever (Weaver Mix) – Hardcore/HArdstyle
    Blatant Beats (BB094)

    Kristoffer Elmgvist – Twilight Reality 2011 – Drum’n Bass
    Dirt, Lies & Audio Black (DLAB039)

    Omega Drive – Festival EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Techno Artillery Light (TARL017)

    Taste Tester – The Battle Of Atlanta – Drum’n Bass
    Abstract Logic Records (ARL074)

    Kung – Controversy – Drum’n Bass
    Caliber (CLBR002)

    Subshock – Meltdown Dubs 02. Survival Weapons – Drum’n Bass
    Melting Pot Records (MDB002)

    Gamut – Mimesis EP – Techno/Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Techsturbation (TECHSTURB006)

    Ruben Martinez & Dj Hardy – N.M RECORDS 03 – Techno/Hard Groove
    NM Recordings (NMREC003)

    Valy – Funk me I’m Famous – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Funk Me (FUNKMEDIG005),+I´m+Famous

    Jon Rundell – Flex EP – Techno
    Pornographic Recordings (PORNO36)

    Unknown Artist – Hard Techno Is Like That – Hard Techno/Schranz

    No rules, Tobax – Light Contrast – Drum’n Bass
    Intelligent Recordings (INTLG028)

    Counterstrike – Violent Neon Robots – Drum’n Bass
    Hollow Point Recordings (HPRDIG006)

    Intelligent Manners – I Wont EP – Drum’n Bass
    Celsius Recordings (CLS201102)

    Statix – Grudge Match – Drum’n Bass
    Culture Assault Records (CULTDUB006)

    Airton Ronda – Sexy Funk (The Remixes e.p) – Hard Groove/Tribal Techno
    Sexy Grooves (SEXYDIG002)

    Alex Long – Lucid Garden EP – Techno
    Night Light Records (NIGHLIGHTDIG024)

    Various Artists – Friends Of Patterns N 2 – Techno/Acid Techno/Hard Techno
    Patterns (PATRNFOP002)

    Various Artists – Cold Cage – Hard Groove/Techno
    Patterns (PATRN063)

    Samuel L Session – Hype-Nosis – Techno
    Detelefunk (DET21)

    Yves Kavella – Blaze Records 004 – Fate EP – Hard Techno/Schranz
    Blaze Records (4)

    Ragga Scum – Bombaclot Go Boom – Drum’n Bass
    Hum Fi Drum (HFD018)

    Paul Mac – Odd Things EP – Techno
    Applied Rhythmic Technology (ARTDDS5)

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