[Release] FDN03 - Trends / Neon Beats / Neffa-T / Habitat / Aphix

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    It's Foundation

    FDN03 - Our first Vinyl release!
    FDN03 - our first vinyl release: putting these tracks on 180 gram vinyl records, each one hand stamped.
    Support from Monki / Mumdance / Slackk / Spooky / Slimzee / Dawn Raid / Dusk & Blackdown + more!

    Check out the previews below, feedback welcome!

    Will update this post once on sale and once the free download is available.

    The tracks:
    A) Trends and Neon Beats - Show you (Grime)

    B1) Neffa-T - Poison Clan (Grime)

    B2) Habitat - Dun Ya Dance (Jungle)

    B3. Aphix - Even now (Free download on monday)

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