[Release] FANU – Jungle Got No Ranks b/w DODZ (MAKE:SHIFT RECORDS)

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    MSR02 – 12” Vinyl

    A. Fanu – Jungle Got No Ranks
    audio: http://www.makeshiftrecords.ca/MSR02/MSR02-A.mp3

    B. Dodz – Pensive (3am Hug a Stranger Rmx)
    audio: http://www.makeshiftrecords.ca/MSR02/MSR02-B.mp3

    Harass your local shop to order it from our distributor. Grass roots noise!

    Sector Media
    18 Bridge Street, 3i
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    t: 1 718 874 7510
    f: 1 718 228 4604


    The Suomi purveyor of all things percussion, the mighty Fanu makes his Make:Shift Records vinyl debut with “Jungle Got No Ranks.“ The haunting vibe, deep reggae vocal, crunchy drums and bass deep enough to swallow Scandinavia perfectly exhibits the quality dance floor beats Fanu is known for. Surely a track like this could save any hack dj from clearing the floor. So do yourself a favour and grab this piece of “emergency go to wax.” 10% of sales go to the “Fanu Independence Movement”, fighting for a sovereign drum-oriented Fanu based nation within Finland. C’mon, do the right thing.

    Our own super-human Dodz keeps the Make:Shift Industrial Complex moving full steam ahead with his very first appearance on the black crack. Dodz delivers a smashing piece of melodic-amen-hands-in-the-air-rave-til-dawn-steal-your-sisters-piggy-bank-to-buy-this-record Drum & Bass!! On Ebay it could be listed as “Bukem Rare”, but so does everything it seems. We invite you to strengthen your love for melodic jungle beats.

    Make:Shift Records is a collaborative effort between a group of DJs, producers, graphic designers, wax peddlers and otherwise driven people working to push drum & bass into new directions and new territories. C64, Dodz, Outline and Dubsta thank you for supporting our little label.

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