Release Dates!!

Dj Shitme

Jan 18, 2009
City of Bradford, United Kingdom
Hey guys...just wondered if you might have a better insight to some release dates on some tunes

1. Hazard - Wicked So

2. Crystal Clear - 175 Vol 1

3. MGMT - Time to Pretend (High Contrast Remix)

4. Hazard - Machete VIP (Will it ever get released)

5. Poolse - Be High VIP

6. Spor - Aztec

Thats all i can think of so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lol Its a ridiculous name.

When i first started mixing out at house parties, All my mates started telling everybody at the party that my dj name was Shitme.

It stuck. Its funny seeing it on flyers and stuff though.

Cheers for the info as well
2. Crystal Clear - 175 Vol 1
been out on promo for a few, should be some still kicking about!

unsure about the other badgers!
Well that is just a sin if there ever was one. That was the one out of all of them i was hoping for.

Pissy kiss. I might have to actually go and find some of them "connected" people who might have it and beg them...:rik:

Only Hazard and Hype have Machete VIP, it is 99% likely that it will never see any form of release
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