[RELEASE]Counter Intelligence Propaganda LP - ON SALE NOW!

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Counter Intelligence presents the Propaganda LP
4x12" vinyl / digital (including exclusive extras) release.


Product photo - click for larger image

Entitled Propaganda, the title captures the meaning and intention covered by the music and artists involved in this display of the versatile sound that Counter Intelligence has come to be known for since the inception in late 2004. The label’s back catalog already comprises timeless music by Resound, Paradox, Macc, Beta 2, Alpha Omega, Pieter K, Martsman and Fracture & Neptune amongst others.

Counter Intelligence will henceforth distribute and sell their own material, totally embracing the Music 2.0 business model pioneered by industry visionaries like Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead, since in these turbulent times for the music industry we don't see the reason not to DIY!
For more information about our new way of releasing and the motivation behind it check our website for the ‘Counter Intelligence Recordings - Music 2.0 manifesto'!

Read the Counter Intelligence Music 2.0 manifesto: PDF

Cost & What you get for your money

The album costs 35 euros if you order from the Netherlands (this includes postage).
The album costs 40 euros (including flatfee postage worldwide) if ordering from anywhere else.

What do you get for that?

  • The 4x12" vinyl Counter Intelligence Propaganda LP being sent to you.
  • A free download of the 10 tracks on the album while you wait on the LP being shipped to you.
    You will be e-mailed with details about how to download.
  • A limited edition 5 piece button/badge/pin set with Propaganda artwork.
    Only available with orders being placed during the initial order period.
  • Four exclusive bonus tracks by Propaganda LP artists; made available for download together with the other 10 tracks.
  • If you ordered something from us before you will get a coupon for use in the CI shop to buy 4 tracks from the Counter Intelligence Digital label.

Availability & how to get your hands on a copy

Our new way of running the label will mean the following easy steps for you to order the album:

  • You will be able to order the Propaganda LP from thursday June 5th to monday June 30th on our Propaganda mini site and CI shop.
  • You pledge, registering your creditcard or paypal at our trust issuer (fundable.org) if ordering from abroad (if you're not living in the Netherlands).
  • When enough people pledge during those 26 days, the trust company cash people's paypal/creditcard on June 30th and the release is paid for.
  • We only need a minimum amount of people to make the LP happen as we have already invested our money in mastering and artwork upfront.
  • We run an order to the pressing plant and send out the album within 2 weeks! While you wait you get a free digital copy of the music including digital only exclusives!
  • We make use of a trust issuer handling the charging of your paypal/creditcard. In the unlikely case the LP is not happening, you won't be charged!

Really, it is THAT EASY!

Read a (more) detailed breakdown of the order process at our Propaganda mini-website.
On to the real thing now....the music & the works!

Artwork & Audio

Read the Propaganda LP promotional insert: PDF

Gatefold sleeve front - click for larger image

Gatefold sleeve inside - click for larger image

Labels plate 1

Side A: Jason oS - Nothing Is True (Equinox Remix) - Click for audio preview (MP3) / DOGSONACID CLIP HERE
Side B 1: Jason oS - Clark Nova - Click for audio preview (MP3) / DOGSONACID CLIP HERE
Side B 2: Jason oS - Ripley's Theme - Click for audio preview (MP3) / DOGSONACID CLIP HERE

Labels plate 2

Side C: Fractional - Constant Function (the hardcore hit of the year if you ask us!) - Click for audio preview (MP3) / DOGSONACID CLIP HERE
Side D: Selector Moldy - Assassin - Click for audio preview (MP3) / DOGSONACID CLIP HERE

Labels plate 3

Side E 1: Titanium featuring John Doe - Rho (Separatist) - Click for audio preview (MP3) / DOGSONACID CLIP HERE
Side E 2: Moving Forward - U Know My Shadow - Click for audio preview (MP3) / DOGSONACID CLIP HERE
Side F: Moving Forward - Ethical Hardcore (Alpha Omega Core Dump VIP mix) - Click for audio preview (MP3) / DOGSONACID CLIP HERE

Labels plate 4

Side G: Implex & Voja - Snowflake - Click for audio preview (MP3) / DOGSONACID CLIP HERE
Side H: Implex - Sonar - Click for audio preview (MP3) / DOGSONACID CLIP HERE

DJ support includes: Alley Cat, Amon Tobin, Bailey, Breakage, Brett Offshore, Code, Dissident, DJ Trax, Equinox, ESB, Fanu, Fractional, Fracture & Neptune, Icicle & Switch, Implex, Jason oS, Martsman, Nucleus, Paul Reset, Resound, Rohan, Selector Moldy, Senses, Stunna, Voja, Rosco and John Doe.

Counter Intelligence Propaganda LP - mini website: http://propaganda.counterintelligence.nl
Counter Intelligence Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/counterintelligencerecs

Check all audioclips from Counter Intelligence at dogsonacid.com: click here

john doe

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we have 4 days left and all orders are already done!
You can still order if you want it, but now you know for sure this LP is happening.

Remember you dont get all the bonus freebies if you order/pay later than July 1st!