Drum & Bass Release 01/04/13 - Future Roots / Echonic / Marukomu - Oak Tree / Emerge

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    Brand new label AutomAte Deep was masterminded in 2012 by London's Deficit as a way to showcase what he sees as the shining lights in the dark, dank world of deep and experimental drum and bass.

    Starting this, the second release on the label, is Future Roots & Echonic's track 'Oak Tree'. Filling the void with a large wobble owing to immense sub pressure, the top end counter-attacks with skitterish percussion and a broken down jungle beat. Tight and unforgiving, 'Oak Tree' is a sparse stepper with a distinctly cheeky edge.

    Previously heard on labels renowned for their love of the dark minimal side, Marukomu steps up to the plate on the flip with 'Emerge', his take on this release's obsession with tight vibes. Glacial snares shatter through a thick bass fog as the track progresses and the tension slowly builds. A minimal masterpiece, frozen to the core.

    Dark and challenging, both tracks perfectly realise AutomAte Deep's ethos of releasing cut-throat tracks with individuality. Never play the easy game, that's the AutomAte way.

    Press release: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?bcvn0g73tutafq5
    For more information contact: k.taylor.cronshaw@gmail.com
    or info@automatednb.co.uk