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That Agent Alvin's remix is cool and Eastcolor's one is proper sick. Wonder why he's still not signed by someone to be honest, his tunes are awesome.
Big ups lads and especially to the Full Effect Promo crew!!! Heres some more info and links for those that want em:)

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‘Fred V – In My Head VIP (Mutated Forms Remix)’
Fred V’s smooth number ‘In My Head VIP’ gets a reworking from Grid favorites Mutated Forms, one of the most groundbreaking acts in the scene today. By coupling the classic, rolling melody of original with hard-edged breaks and lingering vocals edits, Mutated Forms change the complexion of the track whilst maintaining everything that made it great in the first place. Boasting production edits from Hospital’s Fred V and Mutated Forms, it’s no surprise ‘In My Head VIP (Mutated Forms Remix)’ is one of the most sumptuous tracks you will hear in 2012.

‘Grafix – Holding On (Phetsta Remix)’
This remix sees Technique’s Phetsta take the subtle rolling sounds of Grafix’s smash hit ‘Holding On’, and turn it on its head with fantastic results. With the original clocking up over a quarter of a million views, Phetsta wisely keeps elements of the much loved original and combines them with his own trademark style, creating another classic in its own right. Featuring uplifting synths, soulful vocals and a rolling bassline to match, ‘Holding On (Phetsta Remix)’ is a feel good tune you won’t get tired of hearing.

‘Squash – Squeak (Agent Alvin Remix)’
Boasting a discography that features the likes of Hospital Records and Viper Recordings, New Zealand-based Agent Alvin works his magic on the already slamming ‘Squeak’ by Squash. Boasting a restless, varied bassline, this remix bounces along with real groove and attitude. Combine all the elements that made the original so good with the renowned intricate production of Agent Alvin, and the result is a track that bubbles and fizzes, and an instant way to get the dancefloor moving.

‘Squash – Divine (Eastcolors Remix)’
Squash’s ‘Divine EP’ was a breakthrough EP of 2011, with four blinding tracks that put his name firmly on the map, and cemented Cue’s place as a label to watch. This remix of the title comes from minimal giant Eastcolors, one of the brightest talents in the more stripped back side of drum and bass. Dispensing with much of the originals eclectic feel, this Eastcolors remix turns the vibrant ‘Divine’ into a more ominous affair. The paranoia-inducing, bass-heavy monster takes the iconic vocals of the original and turns them into haunting, ghostly echoes. Featuring lashings of atmosphere, harsh drums and cheery-turned-haunting vocals, this is a totally different beast, and one sure to destroy the dancefloor.