reENERGIZE - 13th April @ Millenium, Bournemouth


Break Pirates
VIP Junglist
Nov 29, 2001
Midlands, UK
It's this Saturday folks...

DJs on the night:

Arena 1 (92-93 Oldskool Hardcore) :
DJ Sy (Heltter Skelter/Fantasia)
DJ Dance (F-Project/Fantasia)
Jedi & Stormstrooper (Raindance/Future Dance)
Moody & Rizzla (Break Pirates)
Maxx Vinyl (Resonance/Raindance)

MCs Double L & Casper

Arena 2 (Oldskool Chillout Session) :
More DJs, including me ;)

Hope to see some of you down there!

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