Redoptor - Unusual suspect

Sep 7, 2010
Intense! I was unsure how this was goin to turn out on the build up but the drop suprised me and i kinda dug it. the voc sample is tight but its a little too loud and you have some other synth stab in there that is a little to high aswell. not really my kinda stuff but all in all it sounded pretty good for the style.


Too many skulls!">:O
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Mar 18, 2010
Madrid, Spain
I dig it, but I still miss something here mate...
maybe a different bass or something... drums are not bad at all, good work, good patterns! ;)


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Oct 25, 2009
yeah im feeling this actually, i didnt know it was going to turn out like that atall thats cool... too hard for me personally, but im definatly feeling the breaks.
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