Label Redco - Soulfunk LP [Tilt-Recordings T-FILE-LP001]


Redco - Soulfunk LP [Tilt-Recordings T-FILE-LP001]

Redco - "Backworld" VIP

Redco - "Soulfunk"

Redco - "Generic Host"

Redco - "Blessing The Funk"

Redco - "Inquisition"

Redco - "False" VIP

Redco - "Subsense"

Redco - "Naspar" VIP

Redco - "Black Creator"

Redco is a DJ and Producer from Uzhhorod (Ukraine) and an uprising player in the Ukrainian national major league of Drum & Bass. He has been releasing tunes since 2003, his music has been successful on radio stations and on TV, and he has played events all over the country and in surrounding countries, visiting cities like Moscow and Sankt Petersburg, performing on stage with many of the international heavyweights. After having released several albums and getting tunes signed to labels such as DSCI4, Contaminated and Trust In Music, Redco puts out his digital "Soulfunk" LP on Tilt-Recordings / T-Files. It contains a selection of 9 tunes, mostly dancefloor orientated. They cover different sounds and sub-styles ranging from oldschool Neurofunk to more contemporary forms of technoid Drum & Bass.

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T-FILE019: Mefjus - "Radix"

T-FILE018: Isotop + Kaiza feat. Shots - "The Kernel"

T-FILE017: Desecration - "Smack-Head"

T-FILE016: Kaiza feat. Isotop + Shots - "Fluid"

T-FILE015: Isotop + Shots + Kaiza - "Kartago"

T-FILE014: Isotop + Kaiza - "Sherpa"

T-FILE013: Plater - "Gluebomb"

T-FILE012: Sinecore feat. Peter Kurten - "Vendetta"

T-FILE011: Kriotek - "BoRRhot"

T-FILE010: Asphexia - "Shifted Impact"

T-FILE009: Tamas - "Last Chance"

T-FILE008: Walder - "Gorale"

T-FILE007: kr4y - "Depurify"

T-FILE006: Matt Domino ft. The Razor Choir - "False Sense Of Security"

T-FILE005: Redco - "C-Clone"

T-FILE004: Isotop + Shots - "Dioxin"

T-FILE003: Kaiza feat. amex + D-Struct - "Meriva (Vivian)"

T-FILE002: Pyro + Mundane - "FFWD"

T-FILE001: Spinor - "Deadlift"
DOA feature of this LP:

Germany’s Tilt Recordings has spent the last 5 years finding the cream of the up-and-coming crop, bringing you glimpses of artists who’ve ended up making names for themselves, including Dissident and Spinor. Their latest push is also their first longplayer, from Ukranian producer Redco, who has been active within the scene since 2003, and has had tracks signed to labels like DSCI4, Contaminated, Reapa and Trust In Music. With Soulfunk, Redco straddles the dancefloor-smashin’ neuro sound, playing up the older influences while still keeping things fresh and current.

Redco Promo Mix:

01 Nphonix & Logical - Antigravity (Subtitles)
02 Receptor - Rhyno (Breed12Inches)
03 Redco - Naspar VIP (Tilt T-FILE-LP001)
04 Cinkoz - New Element (Urban Bass Recs Dub)
05 Maztek - Funk Me Hard (Subculture Dub)
06 Redco - Data (TiM Dub)
07 Two Fingers Feat Sway - That Girl (Spor Remix) (Big Dada)
08 Hightech & Nickbee - Crush (Dub)
09 Redco - False VIP (Tilt T-FILE-LP001)
10 BTK - Ectoplasma (Dub)
11 Muffler - Dirrrty (SighCo)
12 Phace and Misanthrop - Fortune (Subtitles)
13 Redco - Subsense (Tilt T-FILE-LP001)
14 Spor - Some Other Funk (Lifted)
15 Aeph - Crucifix Lane (Flight)
16 Silent Extent - Falling Down (No Money & BTK Remix) (Close2Death Dub)
17 Redco - Shield (Dub)
18 Muffler - Melodrama (Dub)