Redco - "Fallen Legion" EP - 2 large ones


Redco - "Fallen Legion" EP - 2 large ones

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Redco is the drum and bass outlet of well known Ukrainian DJ and producer, Roman Pelech.

While living and producing in Uzhhorod, this talented producer quickly became well known in the city and all throughout the country. He quickly got air play on the National radio stations, music channels, television, and a collaboration with Ruslana. After the release of "Cyber" in 2003 on the highly respected Ukrainian label (Virus), his music was more frequently heard and played on the radio in Ukraine, Russia, and many surrounding coutries.

With the high energy and wicked vibes of Redco's productions, parties in the Ukraine started to get overly crowded. As a result of the success he was seeing, his music began to get noticed by dnb heavyweights suchas, Pendulum, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Concord Dawn, Sunchase, Ebk and Kano to name a few. In 2004, he produced his first solo album "Zenith", which, included a remix with Ruslana that won at Eurovision. From 2005 on, with, Dj Tapolsky, he began to experiment in more styles, but more predominantly, liquid funk, which directly lead to the album "Rankom" on a prestige Ukrainian drum and bass label known as "Fragments".

Since 2006, he has been one of the leading drum n bass DJ's of Ukraine. Redco has been invited to such cities as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Obninsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Zaporozhie, Lvov, Smela, Ternopolj, Truskavetsj, and Ivano-Francovsk, and is most definitely leaving his mark on the scene. Redco has performed on stage with such DJ's as Ed Rush, John B, Goldie, Afrodite, Noisia, Black Sun Empire, Concord Dawn, Spor, Sunchase, Dylan, Optiv, Drumsound, and more.

Currently out now on Ammunition's 39th Digital installment, Redco's "Fallen Legion" EP! 2 Quality tunes receiving some massive support across the globe from the dnb community.

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As always, bigup for the support! Hope you enjoy :)