Redant & Sparks - 2 Weekend Rush Tapes [1994]


Sep 19, 2002
London Town
Brainkillers, Redant & Sparks - 3 Weekend Rush Tapes [1994]

Three fresh recordings from the back of the tape boxes, these cassettes haven't seen the light of day for 15 years but the recordings came out to a decent quality.

DJ Redant & MC Shockin' - Weekend Rush FM 92.3 [1994]

DJ Sparks & MC Shabba - Weekend Rush FM 92.3 [24th July 1994]

Brainkillers - Weekend Rush FM 92.3 [1994]
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BADMAN, nice one mate.
Only weekend rush set i had was remarc and brainkillers. (y)
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Big thanks for the upload Extreme im downloading the Red Ant set now, if its the one ive been looking for for the last 17 years i owe you big time charlie and will forever be in dedt to you anything you need.
Big thanks mate Merry Christmas

Its not the one im looking for, still a top set though big thanks Extreme.
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