red zone invites source

May 10, 2002
eindhoven - netherlands
SATURDAY 18.05.2002 RED ZONE invites SOURCE

BARON (source, l plates, advanced, uk)
JAY JAY (source, input, l plates, uk)
PAN, SIN, NYMFO (red zone, nl)
hosts: MC JAY & MC RAGE (source, hardware, true playaz, uk)

RED ZONE invites the SOURCE crew from OXFORD, UK.
SOURCE is one of the drum 'n bass nights in the UK that
has really set the pace over the last years. According to
the press as well as the heads it's the best night
outside London at the moment. In its 5 years of
existence, SOURCE has seen all the big names on the
circuit including Goldie, Bad Company, Roni, Groove &
Fabio, Andy C, as well as all midlands massive like
Digital, Total Science, Spirit, Lee, Photek etc etc..
Residents of the nights are up and coming producer

BARON & JAY JAY will be providing the SOURCE sound
tonight @ RED ZONE! BARON has had releases on L
Plates, Advanced and Klute's Commercial Suicide and is
a RED ZONE personal fave! JAY JAY is a resident @
Source since day 1 and has released his first thing on
the new INPUT label. MC RAGE has become a sort-of
RED ZONE resident as well, he has visited Eindhoven
more than once now. RAGE will give you that extra
Source flavour!

RED ZONE presents all three dj's PAN, SIN & NYMFO, MC
JAY is hosting, flyer & decorations by EROSIE.

RED ZONE @ Effenaar, Dommelstraat 2, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
22:00 - 4:00, Entrance: EUR 9,00


Digital Future
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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
Boys, all I can say is..........ENJOY!!! :D Trust me, mate, Baron will not disappoint!!! Source crew are always tops!
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