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Red Dragon Recordings is a drum & bass record label out of Estonia. Everyone who is into the drum & bass scene knows that Estonia is a country with a huge and evolving scene and that almost all respected dj-s wolrdwide have already been there, many them twice or even more. Drum & bass has been popular among the youth of Estonia for almost a decade now. That has given our scene time to breed talented producers from all over the drum & bas spectrum. But there are only a few of them known worldwide at the moment and that is what this label is for - to give Estonian producers a chance to show the world their talent. We are constantly on the lookout for local artists to promote their creation with the help of some of the established names in the worldwide scene.

So let us present the first of many releases of the RDR camp -

A. inZtance - War Without End (Future Prophecies RMX)
AA. Lizon - Bravado

Future Prophecies deliver their relick of 'War Without End' and it is out of control. Eerie atmospherics open
things up for the deadly b-line drop to do its damage. Piano stabs and soaring b-lines keep you on your toes over laser-sharp percussion. On the flip Lizon presents 'Bravado', opening with a laidback Amen followed by heavier breaks and chaotic loops. Mad scratching and an aggressive synth lead make this one a true dancefloor weapon.

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And also watch out for RD002 with Teebee doing some heavyweight remixing!