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    Open to offers for a quick sale.......... (email me at

    Silver Record Flight Case (100) can be included.


    Mechanics/Prisms Dom & Roland 31 Records
    Close Encounters rmxs/Too Cool Seiji Adelphoi Records
    Squash (Fresh rmx/Total Science VIP rmx) Total Science Advanced
    The Nine/The Bridge Bad Company BC Recordings
    Mo' Fire rmx/Nitrous (Dillinja rmx) Bad Company feat Rawhill Kru/Bad Company BC Recordings
    Infinity/Dream Thief Bad Company/Fierce BC Recordings
    Navajo/Son Of Nitrous Bad Company/Trace BC Recordings
    Resonator/Get It On TC BS1
    Cluster/Pace Kemal Cryptic Audio
    Evolution/The Temple Dylan & Loxy Cylon
    Membrane (Digital & Spirit rmx)/Rocksteady VIP A Sides East Side
    Rollidge/Mutant (déjà vu LP) SS/Trace Ebony
    Colours Adam F EMI Records 3 x 12"
    Spark Plug/Pick Axe - City 8 Bankok ? Formation
    Black SS Formation
    Soul In Motion/Going Nowhere Krust Full Cycle
    Paradise/Voice Capone Hard Leaders
    Fade 2 Black/R.O.A.R. Pt. 2 Souljah Hard Leaders
    Wheres Jack The Ripper (VIP rmx/Origin unknown rmx/Tipper rmx) Grooverider Higher Ground
    The Next Step Stevie Hyper D Feat. Dfrnt-Lvls Island Records 4 x 12"
    Drumz 95/Blue Skies Doc Scott Metalheadz
    Ark Angel 99 Rufige Kru Metalheadz
    Flight/Waves Dave Wallace Moving Shadow
    Timeframe/Chained On Two Sides Dom & Roland Moving Shadow
    Total Control/The Stepper Foul Play Moving Shadow
    10.01 - Bombscare/Space Cakes/Oh So Nice Various Moving Shadow
    10.02 - Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix)/Hold It Down/Illegal Subs (Krome And Time Remix) Various Moving Shadow
    10.03 - Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix)/Open Your Mind/Feel Good (Original In Demand Mix) Various Moving Shadow
    10.04 - The Helicopter Tune/Finest Illusion (Legal Mix)/Thru The Vibe (2 On 1 Mix) Various Moving Shadow
    10.05 - Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remx)/Cold Fresh Air/Disturbance (Tango Remx) Various Moving Shadow
    10.06 - Terrorist/You Got Me Burnin' (Remix)/Anthemia (Heaven) Various Moving Shadow
    10.07 - Dred Bass/Stay Calm (Foul Play Remix)/Free La Funk (PFM Remix) Various Moving Shadow
    10.08 - Rolled Into One (Photek Remix)/So This Is Love/Planet Neptune Various Moving Shadow
    10.09 - Dezires/Let The Hustlers Play/Flight Various Moving Shadow
    10.10 - The Rhode Tune/Trippin' On Broken Beats (VIP)/In Too Deep Various Moving Shadow
    10.11 - The Shadow/Quadrant 6/The Dreamer Various Moving Shadow
    10.12 - Tough At Top (Instrumental)/Contemporary Accousticz Jam/The Vandal Various Moving Shadow
    A Journey Into Drum & Bass Various Polgram 3 x 12"
    Mute 98/Convoy Matrix Prototype
    No Mistake/Unlock The Secrets Concept 2 Ram Records
    Switch/Without U Fresh Ram Records
    Valley Of The Shaddows/Truly One Origin Unknown Ram Records
    Chapter 1 - No Reality/Scanners Ram Trilogy Ram Records
    Murder Thing/Odessey Total Science Reinforced
    Here Comes The Drumz rmx/Shes Gone rmx/Hardcore Junglism rmx/A Better Place rmx (Enforcers 13 & 14 Picture Discs) Various Reinforced 2 x 12"
    Broken English/Stealth (Dillinja rmx) Future Cut Renegade Hardware
    Dead By Dawn/Points Of Origin Future Forces Renegade Hardware
    ? ? Smoking Drum
    Future Unknown Krust Takin Loud
    True Stories/Cold War Krust Takin Loud
    Watchin Windows (DJ Die rmxs) Roni Size Takin Loud
    How Dare You/Bring The Funk Baby Dillinja/Lemon D Test
    Vortex/Cool Manoeuvre Pascal True Playaz
    Freenote/India Jungle Zinc True Playaz
    Casino Royale/Sky (Playaz 4 Real LP) Zinc/Pascal True Playaz
    All The Crew 'Big Up'/It’s A Jazz Thing Roni Size rmxs V Records
    Nasty Wayz/I Wanna Know Dillinja Valve
    You & Me/Cant Let Go Dillinja Valve
    Neo/Gemini Hive Violence
    Pacific(Grooverider rmx)/Cubik rmx 808 State ZTT Records


    Selected Ambient Works 85-92 Aphex Twin R & S 2 x 12"
    Leftism Leftfield Sony 2 x 12"


    Living In Darkness (Original & rmxs) Topp Buzz Basement Classics
    Compnded/Fl it/Clr Sky/Undrstnd ? Edge Records
    DJ's Anthem Vol 1 (Carl Cox rmx)/Total Xtacy Various Formation
    Various - Vol 10 Various Kinights Of The Turntable
    Various - Vol 13 Various Kinights Of The Turntable
    Back to 89-92 - The Old Skool Album Various Regression 3 x 12"
    Absolute Classic Hardcore Various Slammin Vinyl 3 x 12"
    Final Destination rmxs DJ Krome & Mr Time Suburban Base
    Let Me Be Your Fantasy/Sweet Harmony/Don’t Go/Trip To The Moon Baby D/Liquid/Awesome 3/Acen White
    This Sound Is For The Underground Krome & Time White
    Bombscare (Original/94 rmx) 2 Bad Mice


    Tape Packs (8)
    1994 - Quest.
    1995 - United Dance (mixed music styles), Helter Skelter (mixed music styles).
    1996 - Desire, Amazon Jungle Collection 4, Helter Skelter (The Imigination).
    1997 - Telepathy (Touching Bass & Blueprint), Strictly Jungle, One Nation (United States of D&B), Hysteria 19, Helter Skelter (Time), Dreamscape 25 (Silver Jubilee), Dreamscape 26 (The Vision).
    ???? - Amazon Jungle Collection 5, Amazon Jungle Collection 6, Warning,
    Warning (3rd Birthday), Warning (Ultimate Breaks & Beats Vol 3).
    1999 - Warning, Warning (Summer Madness).
    ???? - Warning & Innovation (6th Birtday).
    2001 - Innovation (Drum & Bass Overload).
    ???? - Amazon Collection 11.
    2003 - Accelerated Culture 13, United Dance.

    Tape Packs (6)
    Various - Hysteria Legends (Stevie Hyper D Vol 1).

    Tape Packs (4)
    1996 - Helter Skelter (The Odyssey), Helter Skelter (Energy), Helter
    1997 - United Dance (Finale 97).

    86 Various Single Tapes (In Cases or Tape Packs).

    CD Packs (6)
    2003 - Slammin Vinyl (The New Years Eve Festival).
    2004 - Accelerated Culture (Global Gathering).

    Full On Drum & Bass (4)
    This is … Drum & Bass (3)
    This is … Drum & Bass 2 (3)
    This is … Jungle (3)
    V Classic Tin Set (3)
    Jungle Massive (2)
    The Different Colours Of Drum & Bass (2)
    Creative Drum & Bass : Mixes by DJ SS/Dr S Gachet (2)
    Jungle Heat (1)
    Grooverider Mixed CD (1)
    Kenny Ken Mixed CD (1)