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    Brockie/dj kane/ed solo= shallow mindz/fantasy- sonic art£3
    John B- hold it down/the way i feel- creative source.£3
    Speciman A- global terror/ twisted anger mix- specimen records£3
    Killer instinct- Posse/death toll- white£3
    Cybin- thinkin about you- white£3
    Bullet Proof- ??????- white (2 tough techy roller)£3
    Pariah- Resilience/ Shadow world- covert records£3
    Fracture & Neptune- Deadlands/discharge- droppin science£3
    The harder the come part 1 ep- renegade hardware£8
    The harer they come part 2 ep- renegade hardware£8
    Mechanism- raw cut/dark areas- emcee recordings£3
    Cybin- say the word/mode- emcee recordings£3
    Clipz- ???????- promo emcee recordings (1 side is amen tearout/ flip is bouncy bubbly bassline stuff)£3
    Total Science- Bustin loose/elementary- timeless recordings£3
    Digital/Total science- gost town/face riders- timeless recordings£3
    Klute- Curley Wurley/Splendor- Metalheadz£3

    A Sides- evolvement/ momentum- eastide46 £3
    Modern Moves- back stab/ stigma- Modern Moves £3
    Pharoahe Monch & Lil Kim- Fuck you/suck my dick- Bootleg £4
    Adam F, M.O.P- Stand clear picture disc- Kaos £4
    Adam F- Dirt Harry's revenge (hype & swift mixes) picture disc- kaos £4
    Natural Mystic/ Brillo- Future tech/ No entry- L plates £3
    Bad Company- Rush hour/ blind- bcrecordings £3
    Orakool- other worlds/ Dark alley- tribe £3
    John b- its so real/ no-one like u- Tangent £3
    The kraft- candid/ stab 2 def- blade recordings £3
    Ray keith v's Nookie- self destruction/ sing time vip- dread limited edition £3
    Fifth Element- Insitnct (Twisted individual/ dom & roland mixes)- architecture recordings £3
    Big Brovaz v's Ray keith- Ok- white label £3
    Dj Friction- the power ep- charge recordings £6
    Rozwell- Wooden bridge- beeswax recordings £3
    Fresh- Mutated for 200X- Breakbeat punk £6
    The X Project 1- various artsists- technique recordings £6
    The Earth EP- Renegade Hardware Promo £8
    Dj SS presents: Jazz and Bass session IV part 1- formation £6

    Pm me if ure interested in buying any!

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