Records For Sale 90's Mostly Jungle Some Rave

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    I hope this is in the right place so apologies if not, been a while since i posted on here.....

    These are going up on ebay individually shortly but if anyone is interested in taking either the lot or individual items to a good home for a 'sensible price' you can email me at

    Almost all records at VG+ or better and play fine (i.e. some light surface marks, no scratches, audio very good. Have owned since new / purchased - most not been played for many years and kept dust free), sliming down the collection from the 90's. Happy to send photo's and discuss condition for anything specific. Records located in North / Central London.

    Wax Doctor - A New Direction EP - Basement Records
    MC Jay J & DJ Devious D - Different Styles EP - Awesome Records
    Sound Corp - Dreamfinder Remix - Tone Def Records
    TIC TAC TOE - 456 / Ephemerol
    Jimi Polo - Underground Feelin Remix - Face Records
    DMS - S.O.S / Mind Wreck - Production House White Label
    Ironik - The Calling Remix - Deep Seven Records
    The Charm - Bass Overdose EP - Base Overdose Records
    DJ Mayhem - Inesse / Let Me Tell You (Ray Keith Remix) Face Records
    DJ Crystl - Crystlize / Deep Space - DeeJay Recordings
    JMJ + Ritchie - Hall of Mirrors - Moving Shadow White Label
    Tribal Underground - It’s a Jungle Brother (Rennie P + Ellis Dee Remx’s) - Rhythm Section Records DJ Copy
    Xray Experiments - The Bouncers - Xray Recordings Promo
    Spinback & Windmill - In Effect / Divine Inspiration - Legend Records
    DJ Gwange - Motionless / Adrenalin - Legend Records
    DJ Mayhem - Damage - Basement Records
    Kev Bird - This is a Trip - Basement Records DJ Copy
    Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor - The Visit to 14B E.P - Basement Records
    The Joker - Yeah Yeah Yeah / Break It Down - Madhouse Records Promo
    Manix - Manic Minds 4 Track EP - Stupid Dope Mix / Special Request / Feel Real Good / Cant Tech No More - Reinforced Records
    DJ Dub Rush - Dub Conspiracy - Back II Back Records
    Invisible Man - Skyliner / Power - Invisible Recordings (Label has Sticker and some damage to it on detail side - plays fine however)
    Defender - Feel It - Gyroscope Records
    DJ’s Unite - Vol 3
    Omni Trio - Mystic Steppers Vol 2 - Moving Shadow Records
    Dj Ruffkutt - Dub White - No U-Turn Records
    The Skeleton Crew - Luv Ta Luv Ya / Make Em Hardcore - Skeleton Recordings
    IG1 Collective - Babylon Pressure - Awesome Records
    Various / Straight From The Bedroom - Boyz - A Bedroom In Hackney / Free Your Mind / The Last Years - 3rd Party / Dope on Plastic Records
    The Bookworm (LTJ Bukem) - Who Knows Vol 1 - Self Released White Label
    D.O.P.E - The Dope on Plastic EP - Rugged Vinyl Records
    Double H Productions - Dope On Plastic EP - Ultra Jungle / How Dark It Is - Cold Effect Records
    The Revelation EP Part 2 - Love For The World - Kemet Records
    DJ Solo - Darkage (DMS Remix) Production House Records
    DJ AKA - The Right Way - Soapbar Records
    Kripsy Krouton EP Vol 2 - Can You Feel The Sunshine - Empire Records White Label
    Aeon Flux - Reality - Deep Seven Records White Label
    MC Lethal - The Rave Digger - White Label
    Low Key Movements - Ear Drums - Reinforced Records
    DJ Nut Nut + Pure Science - The Rumble - Production House Records
    Varopus Inc Lemon D / Bass Junkies - Deep Space (I See Sunshine Remix) - Phuture Shock Records
    TEK 9 - Breakin Sound Barriers Remix - Reinforced Records
    Smith Inc - Palomino EP - Absolute Records Promo
    Skanna - The Greatest Thing - Skanna Records
    DJ Edge - Compnded - Edge Records No1 (this is the Edge Records Number 1 Release)
    DJ Dextrous & MC Rude Boy Keith - King of The Jungle The Horn EP - KJL / Suburban Base Records
    2 Much - Give You All - Soapbar Records Promo
    Generation X - Feel The Magix - 3rd Party Records
    Kool Crew 94.5FM - Junglist Massive - Soapbar Records
    Top Buzz - Livin In Darkness - Basement Records DJ Copy
    Nebula II - Seance / Atheama - Reinforced Records
    The Last Crusaders - Music for The People EP - Formation Records DJ Promo
    DJ Crystl - Your Destiny / Sweet Dreamz - Deejay Recordings
    The Family Foundation - Express Yourself - 380 Records Pre Release
    DJ Rap / Engineers Without Fears - Spiritual Aura - Deejay Recordings
    DJ Ron - Mo Musik - Rough Tone Recordings
    Ragin Rockers - Kounter Act - Ruby Red White Label