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    12th plantet-28,be blatent
    Rougestate-desert orchid/full throttle
    501-getback/suspicious stench-autopilot
    Dig-lower8/latecare/12th planet & swytch-tonka
    Djunya-ites/coagulated dub
    Likham-daoine sidhe/qumram
    Distance vs sream-politial warfare/distance-radical
    rob sparx-independent life-origional mix/dub mix/the dubsitutes jah jah dub (white promo)
    Matt u-mute soul/cardopusher-parrilla
    Wonder-what/what (caspa remix)
    Marlo-dispute/marlow ft bongo chilly-everyday
    Digital-wired/rifle riddim
    Babylon system-everyday hustle/roommate-50 blocks away
    Skream-midnight request line/deep concentration (zinc remixs)
    Biome-state of emergency/agitated
    Rougestate ft lone ranger-root of all evil ep
    Unknown-Jah (Jah 002)(white)
    Kromestar vs hatcha-ridick/twin towers/fuel head
    Komonazmuk Vs whiteboy-skankstep/bless
    OSC-rockers delight/shot like this (steps in time recordings)
    Chef-sub soca/cluekid-monkey style Mala-learn/lean forward
    Ranking records 002-captain hawkeye/anger
    MRK1-get out clause/infection
    Pinch-punisher (loefah & scream remix)
    Marlow remix-black gold
    DLX-the city/acid rain dance (steps in time recordings
    6 blocc-haile selassie i/babylohia (white)
    Benga-crunked up
    Trg-time is now/they know
    Scream-midnight request line
    Rooted-righteousness/Babylon boxer
    Marc ashken-roots dyed dark/size 3 (scream remixs)
    Appleblim-vansan/shackleton-you bring me down
    Jack sparrow-i and i/predator
    Stenchman-signs/powerful magical
    Vexed- 3rd choice/3rd choice(loefah remix)
    N type-street justice/blind fury/hacksaw
    Kromestar-sub meditation
    Kromestar-space man/serial killers/zap dance
    Nevamis-space yardie/grave digger
    Narco Hz the remixes ep album
    Tempa Allstars vol 2 album
    Destructive presents lost lacquers volume 1 album
    DJG-joyful sound/shadow skanking
    Rusko-betamax/the others-bed bugz
    Moldy ft juakali-glory/glory dub
    Itchy robot-raw/don’t stop
    Fantastic 3 recordings (white) 001
    Wascal-hollow point/stenchman-ur pathetic
    23 hz & numaestro-Galleon dub/atki2-douceur
    Paleface ft kyla do you mind the remixes-crazy cousins ft bashy & wiley/mr mersh/L.D./PWN
    Unknown-dis is why we hot
    Ghislain Poirier-Blazin ft face t (original/riddim/the bug remix/dj c remix)
    Roxy Vs EL B-Endorse & set it
    ELb-Ghostrider EP-Murdah/ghostrider/nobody better/big movement
    Lethat dubs vol 1-dubchild-shaolin riddim/dazzle riddim/lethal riddim/war 4x4
    Skreamizm 1 &2
    Headhunter-Initiate EP

    £3.50 each albums £7 will discount 4 bulk
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    Cant see it in there but do you have Distance - V???