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    Dunno if this is right place for this?!!? Just move if it aint plz =)

    Im using the behringer External usb soundcard thingy with the free recording software (audacity) that comes with it, and im getting really pissed off with it, i can record good quality sets at low volume but when i have few mates round and we crank it up a bit and get on the mic etc it comes out all distorted because of the loud bass and vocals. Anyone know how i can sort this or forward me to some half decent recording gear that will solve this?!?1

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    What inputs are you plugging into and are you using trs 1/4 inch cables or just ts?
    If your plugged into a mic input then its gonna distort but if you go into the line input with a balanced 1/4 inch cable you should be good.
    You may also want to check in Audacity what you have your meters set at.
    Another thing that could work is goin into the preferences folder for your sound card and adjust the volume from there and then set your gains.
    hope this helps