Recording Entire Songs in Audio or MIDI??

I was wondering what the pros/cons are of recording entire songs, or tracks, in MIDI? I currently am recording everything in MIDI using my my Akai MPK25. I know how to convert to audio strips, but what would be the purpose of doing that? In producing dubstep, there is a lot of "Cutting and Splicing" of equal value that needs to be done, so therefore, I see audio files being an easier way to perform this task? What say you????

Thanks..I hope my question is clear.


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It depends on your taste. For example i bounce all things in audio. Pro's for me are:

1. Saving CPU
2. Working with audio, reversing it or something, can get pretty interesting.

If you want to change 1 note in a clip, you have to keep midi, change it there and then bounce it back to audio. Although it doesnt take much time if repeat it all the time.

I recommend you to watch some videos on resampling on youtube. Then you sort of will understand that concept. For me main reason still is CPU saving tho.
Yeah I agree, the main benefit is the CPU.

The basic concept of re-sampling is, if you have 50 midi tracks all with Plugins running your computer is gonna be screwed. Once you are happy with your track and you are confident you are not going to change anything bounce it to audio and you can delete the MIDI track with the plugin. That way your computer is not having to use up the CPU to run the various plugins. MIDI tracks are way more flexible and easier to edit but the virtual instruments are heavy on the CPU. But to be honest what ever works for you is best.

If you are sending your tune to mixed or mastered tho you will have to covert all your tracks to audio.