Apr 20, 2003

D-Struct & TZR Alchemy (Audio click here)
Smooth Space Attack (Audio click here)

Recon Recordings came forth in the past with Four massive releases, showing the DnB world that the demand for hard hitting, tech influenced DnB was still the order of business. Now with the winter well upon us Recon Recordings proudly presents the highly anticipated next release. Known mostly for their solo efforts D-Struct & TZR joined forces to make there debut on Recon. "Alchemy" opens with a subtle sweeping synth, insinuating the calm before the storm. A filtered Reece gives way to the drop, bringing a torrential down pour of high octane energy in this explosive track filled with Massive Sub and Hard hitting drums & congos. Smooth makes his first vinyl appearance with "Space Attack". This Moody, heavy tech roller rocks speakers relentlessly with Heavy bass and psychedelic sound scapes. Solid breaks, tinged with Heavy Stabs leading the way to frantic basslines that will haunt you well after you have heard this.


John Aronson (D-Struct) has been building a strong hand of releases as he continues to seek his own vision of Drum&Bass. Primary influences have been drawn from a range of other styles including aspects of electronic, hip hop, metal and ambient music. It could also be noted that he has a keen interest in the study of the mysterious and otherwise esoteric aspects of history, science, religion and life - all playing parts in the sound vibes present in his beats. With Dj support from most of dnb's major artist he needs no introduction.


Originally from Mesa, Arizona he got involved with music fairly early on when he was 11 he started playing the drums until he was 13, when he started learning how to play guitar. In '94 he started hearing various electronic styles and when he heard Jungle/dnb his music taste was changed forever. Slowly he stopped playing guitar and focused on lisetening to as much drum and bass as he could get my hands on. It wasn't until '98 that he bought my first pair of turntables and started learning to mix records. It was only a few months before he played my first show and it was time for a name. His good friends had long been calling me TZR and nothing else really fit me as well so he decided to use that as his monicker. Over the next two years he would help a friend that owned a live sound company set up and run sound at shows. It was during this time period that he started making a name for himself within the growing AZDNB scene. Playing at weeklys such as Rinse, Guerrilla Warfare, and Subconscious. In 2004, he slowed himself down to attend school at Tempe, AZ's Conervatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. It was there that he would study audio engineering, and completely immerse myself in the studio enviroment in order to develop my skills. In November of 2004 he moved from AZ and the Phoenix valley to Seattle, Washington with no more than he could fit in his car. It was here that he would obtain an intern position at a Local studio to finish my school required internship. Currently, he is working on multiple recording projects & tracks. Making his vinyl debut on Recon Recordings is definitley a goal he is proud of...

D-Struct & TZR Alchemy (Audio click here)


Hailing from Sloveinia Smooth has hit the dnb world by storm. Working with huge artist such as Dementia and Sunchase only to name a few. He is Excited for his first dnb vinyl release on Recon Recordings. His tune space Attack is exaclty what it states; a space attack. Keeping you eyes peeled for more releases from this artist is a must!!
Smooth Space Attack (Audio click here)


Recon 005 - Out Soon at all good dnb music stores


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