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    OUT NOW!!!!!!on Recon Recordings 002 is:
    Sunchase - Marazmatick / Save Us (recon002)​

    [font=Courier, monospace]-= Bio =-[/font]
    Sunchase - Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
    [​IMG]Sunchase is the alias of Alexander Pavlenko, hailing from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. At the age of 15 he started playing around with production software being influenced by people like Orbital, Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow, Crystal Method, Ed Rush & Optical and Decoder. Later on Static Nitro(w/ Oxide) production outfit was formed and became one of the most successful duos in post-soviet countries. In 2002 Sunchase decided to get back to his solo career. One of the first solo works was "Remember Me" in collaboration with Latvian singer Yana Kay. This soulful vocal smasher immediately started gaining attention from countless international djs including Fresh, Pendulum, Concord Dawn, John B, Bulletproof.. And he never looked back ever since firmly establishing himself on worldwide d&b map as one of the Eastern Europe's premier producers. Various collaborations followed with Counter Strike, Resound, Cyb Orc, Dissident, Bes and Proket. Nowadays Sunchase is receiving full-on support from the likes of Kemal, Tech Itch, AK1200, Corrupt Souls, BSE, Optiv, C4C, Noisia, Bulletproof, John B, Raiden, Psidream and Paul B.

    With releases on Ballistics, Leet, Fear Red, Protogen, Futall, and the well known “Remember Me” featuring Yana Kay on Hostile recordings, Sunchase has been making waves in the DnB community for some time now. With his first release on Recon Recordings Sunchase sets the bar even higher with the dance floor killer “SAVE US”. This monster drives the crowed with tight flailing drums and sharp synth riffs. Each break drives this song harder and harder while the tech synths kepp the dark vibe flowing. The flip “Marazmatic” is the straight forward dark step tunes that drives the heads with its hard drums and dark synth riffs. Capturing the drive of the drums, the bass rolls across the dancefloor bringing atmospheric tones and chopped vocals in and out of the listeners head.

    Releases: Hostile 003 (Remember Me, Remember Me (Illskillz remix) FullForce 002 (Eclipse feat. Cyb Orc)
    Forthcoming: Moving Shadow (Isida, Sands Of Time), Recon (Save Us & Marazmatick), Cabal (Sunchase & Cyb Orc: Axis, Anubis 5, Assyrian, Organizm), Salvage (RDS - Therapy [Sunchase remix] ), Leet (Slush, Mind Error), Phusion (Predator, Fir choice)
    *The bio was taken from

    at and out now!!!
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    Thats some crazy fast drums on 'Save Us'

    Sounding good :2thumbs: