Recon 04 - Masheen remix/Cannon Boyz - Promo out now.

Wicked Sway

Flatline Audio
A. Logical & Prode - El Nino (Masheen Remix)
B. Cannon Boyz - The Grinder

Logical & Prode(Masheen Remix) - El Nino (Audio Clip)

One of the biggest forces in the techno Drum n Bass invasion is Masheen. For Recon 004, Masheen gets the remix call for Logical & Prode's massive tech fueled El Nino. Mega Tech is the key phrase in relation to the buttons pushed on this one. Dark atmosphere, hard rolling breaks, huge drops with genius breakdowns. Attach the wicked techno bass in addition to the hypnotical bleeps and Masheens altering storm of Logical & Prode's El Nino is truely an insane ride from start to finish.

Cannon Boyz - The Grinder (Audio Clip)

On the flip of Recon 04 the Cannon Boyz come out firing another technoid shot from the cannon in likes of The Grinder. Filthy acid bass runs rampant in this psychedelic warfare of bleeps and hardnosed breaks. The building of crisp drums along with thumping techno subs, upon listening one knows this is next level Techno-Logical Drum N Bass Science. The beat pattern weaves exactly as the track title says, setting the tone for the tech fused cannon to grind dance floors and techno influenced minds alike into, ...simplest words: shambles, and or/bits & pieces. Cannon Boys - The Grinder - Recon 04.

Recon 04
A. Logical & Prode - El Nino (Masheen Remix)
B. Cannon Boyz - The Grinder

Promo available at Chemical Records(click here)


Forthcoming Recon 005 - Techno-Logical Breakthrough EP featuring Masheen, Sunchase, Proket, & Cannon Boyz

Recon is distributed by Nu-Urban Music