Recommended to forum, Evol Intent lover? please review my track!

Troy Manvell

Oct 20, 2017

So a new acquiescence refereed me to this site, probably to stop hassling him for tips since hes signed and uses this site, in all fairness hes a quality liquid producer but i like the deeper darker side of music.

My new tune is evol intent inspired, like ewun, spor, i grew up listening to them when they had 1000 friends on myspace, so quite some time ago lol

Anyway this is my new tune, i would love if you could comment and review it, probably needs some minor work but i'm pretty happy with it, but i always feel theirs room for improvement
Let me know


Och aye
Jun 13, 2015
Perth, Western Australia
Nice work man, everything sounds very fitting for this type of track, but it sounds like the main bass is being pushed to the back of the track; I'm listening on earbuds atm, but if I were to guess I'd have a look at the level of your sub frequencies and the processing on the low-high mids of your bass, as well as what else could be competing for room in the 200-1.5kHz space. The drums are sounding good, although might also benefit from a little more breathing room in the mud range.
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