Recommended MIDI keyboard


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Hey guys, I'm brand new to this production stuff and I'd like to get myself started. I've done some research but there is so much to chose from out there!

So I'd ask for some input from you guys... I'm not looking for the best of the best, simply a decent MIDI keyboard to plug into my laptop and start producing some DnB bass lines and whatnot.

I've been looking at an M-Audio Oxygen USB MIDI Keyboard (49), which seems complete as well as in my price range.

What do yo guys think? I'd love to hear some professional advice before making a purchase :)


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if you're looking for just basslines instead of complex mellodies buy the 25key Oxygen8 V2. You'll find yourself not using any of the rotors it has except for the modulation and pitch bend after a while.
It's a bit hard at the touch of fingers but still is a very fast bridge between your ideas and the daw :)

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I've only had 2: an E-MU Xboard 49 and an Oxygen 8 and I think the Xboard wins hands down, not just because it has more keys, but the key and rotary feel was so much better and it had buttons for a lot of functions like changing the midi channel. That may seem very trivial, but in low-end gear that can become the stuff that matters. On the oxygen 8 you have to twiddle with the keys that become function buttons and numeric buttons when you press another button. I had to give up the xboard due to lack of space in the 'studio' when i got a sampler and a mixer. I'll definately get a new one someday for software control and dedicate the oxygen 8 to control only the sampler.

My Oxygen is very old and it's the first version of it so maybe the newer ones are better. I suggest you go down to a local musician's shop and try out different models before buying, you might be surprised.