Recommend underrated DNB from 96-01

I'm putting together a 20 year history of DNB set. The past ten years I'm spoiled for choices, but the decade from 1995-2004, I'm a bit spotty on. Trying to avoid the overplayed classics which I have plenty of. Especially spotty from years 96-01.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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^ underrated 98 collab between Ed Rush and Dom.

^ absolute stormer of a tune with one of the biggest basslines ever. Switchup at 3 minutes is murderous.

Lemon Ds best tune by a country mile.

Best version of Piper, when Optical was a stamp of quality..

Biggest tune on the best Ram LP...

ANTHEM ALERT >>> still yet to hear a bassline that rowdy in nearly 15 years of waiting; play this in a dark crowded room with a great soundsystem and you will know.

^ good luck finding a copy of this but that bass is just ridiculous on a decent system. 2002 i think

^ Spirits best tune IMO. 2004 business, never heard anyone else but me play this, but to me it is up there with the very finest Headz releases

^ underrated and forgotten BANGER on Subtitles.

^ quality halftime gear from 2003

^ Amit's best early tune, pure source direct vibes.

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^ absolute stormer of a tune with one of the biggest basslines ever. Switchup at 3 minutes is murderous.
nice. peel used to play a fair bit of jungle/dnb. first place I heard stuff like photek, source direct etc, also the final track he ever played on the radio was klute...

random suggestion off the dome from each year

96 - Trace - Miles High

97 - Ray Keith - Rare Groove

98 - Artemis - Sun Voyager
Sun Stars also from 98 is even better, can't find audio...

99 - Sonar Circle - Face Off

2000 - Calibre - Mystic
probably my fav Calibre tune and wasn't on any albums

cant think of anything for 2001.......


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Carlito & Addiction - Supergrass
Jonny L - Wish U Had Something
Lemon D - One out of many
Red One - Strangled Duck
Capone - Alaska
Goldie - Mother VIP
Dillinja - Strontium Jazz
4Hero - 9 By 9 (M.I.S.T. Mix)
Teebee - Human Reptile
Photek - UFO (J.Majik Rmx)
Source Direct - Enemy Lines
Black Grape - Fat Neck (Goldie Rmx)


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just scrolling down through my iTunes picked these out

voyager - hypersleep

wings - wings

ram trilogy - undergrowth

subject 13 - good guys, bad guys

foul play - karma part 1

justice & tertius - chains

total science - silent reign

arcon 2 - the beckoning

jonny l - obedience

boymerang - soul beat runner

banaczech - ipcress file

lemon d - two techniques

outfit - new york

tekniq - razzmatazz

dom & optical - rage roll

known unknown - rollers edit

dom & roland - dynamics

ez rollers - retro

dj mayhem - inesse ray keith remix

flytronix - contemporary acoustic jam

concept 2 - no mistake

j magic - subway

research - research

jonny l - brother

randall & flex - one away

omni trio - rhythm methods

sonar circle - face off

stakka & k.tee - territorial

teehee & k - arctix

h.m.p - runnins