Recommend me some 140 jungle


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Aug 19, 2010
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Yep..two fucking huge tunes!

First one's a bit of hardcore for the 'womp' heads...

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Nov 4, 2010
Top Drawer Digital Present

Release Date 04/07/2011

Pressa & Bojcot Selectah

So Fast So Serious [140 Mph Future Jungle Breaks]

These two guys have been pushing the 140 Jungle sound for quite some time now,a sound that the world is now waking up to.
Call it what you like Low Bpm Jungle or 140 Bpm Breaks , Future Jungle or Jungle Breaks with more and more DJ's and Producers getting on the case
this style of music is set to become the soundtrack of the Summer and here at Top Drawer Digital were really happy to present you with
this collaboration EP between these two artists at a time when this sound is set to explode.

With this EP Pressa (UK) and Bojcot Selectah (Holland) present us with four fresh sounding tracks with lush pads,
warm chords and chopped Amen Breaks riding deep sub basslnes.

A : Bojcot Selectah : So serious
B : Bojcot Selectah : So Serious (Pressa Remix)
c : Pressa :Fast Motion 10
D : Bojcot Selectah : Fast Motion 11

Check them out here (Including free promo mix downloads):

With Tracks from the EP Allready appearing on mixs by the likes of Rennie Pilgrem and Jurassik this is one release you want in your artillery.

Dj Quotes :

Ceos : Boooo! Pressa :Fast Motion 10 & Bojcot Selectah : Fast Motion 11 are my picks of the EP. Full support!
TRO : Full support on this! My favourite track on this release is Fast Motion 10, but So Serious is cool, too.
Warrior One : Fully supporting this release , Quality stuff from these two.
Vinyl Junkie : Excellent release. Love it
Jay Cunning : A great music selection of Nu vibes, Love it
Dusted Breaks : 'So serious' is wicked! That bass will knock the dust off!!
Ratling : Huge release , All mixes are tidy
VJ Air :* Big release
John Greif :* A good selection of tracks - but my fave is definatley Fast Motion 11-That has some serious vibes goin on
Kid Chameleon : FUCKING SICK, Full support



Top Drawer Digital


Jul 26, 2009
Anomaly is an Australian-based music label bringing you fresh broken beats with a unique sound.

DJ Support
Anomaly releases are currently being supported by DJs the likes of: Tango & Ratty (UK), Pilgrim (UK), Doc S Gachet (UK), Kenny Ken (UK), Luna-C (USA), AK1200 (USA), Jay Cunning (UK), Rennie Pilgrem (UK), Secret Society (UK), Outrage (UK), Madcap (UK), Glenn Aston (UK), Mulder (UK), AST (UK), JayTee (UK), Vinyl Junkie (UK), Requiem (UK), JRampage (UK), Digitally Mashed (UK), Andy F (UK), Silvahfonk (Holland), Evil (NZ), DJ Firefly (NZ), FlekC (NZ), Organikismness (NZ), Erther (AUS), Kranky (AUS), Lethal (AUS), and many more...

Kranky & Lethal - Reflection
Kranky & Lethal - Unstoppable
Kranky & Lethal - Parallel Universe
Requiem - Badman Vibes
Lethal - Speedball
Requiem - Fear Factor
Pilgrim - Across the Trax
Pilgrim - Retro Vibes
Kranky & Lethal - The End is Coming
Kranky & Lethal - Stop the Music
Evil - Swarm
Vinyl Junkie & Requiem - Before Time
Pilgrim & Madcap - Refresh the Beats
Vinyl Junkie & Madcap - Bad Man
Lethal - Black Hole
Strange Rollers - B Afraid
Kranky & Lethal - Parallel Universe (Lethal's Alternate Reality VIP Remix)
Lethal - The Moebius
MshCode - Dusk Fragments
Generic Bass - Rudebwoy Symphony
Time Travel - Method & Expression
Available exclusively from the home of Anomaly Digital Recordings – – within its brand new digital music store -

For more information regarding Anomaly, including news, preview clips of forthcoming tunes, interviews, etc please visit us at:

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