Recently started to listen to DNB :)


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Hey guys !

I came on this forum while looking for a nice Original Sin set, and I found it :P And I also thought, well, why I don't register myself on a DNB forum ?

My name is Yannick, and I'm 18 (almost 19 :P) years old and I live in a small town in Belgium. Last year in may I went to a small festival, and there I came in contact with dnb music. The DJ that was playing some dnb was Murdock (also from Belgium) and I really liked the music :)

Now the last few months I really searched on the internet for more information about dnb, I really like those tracks from Original Sin, Taxman, Sigma, Tantrum Desire, Steppa & Kitcha / Northern Lights etc.

Actually my "main/favourite" music style is Hardstyle (and I'm also a moderator on a big dutch hardstyle forum) but since I really like dnb I also registered here :)

So if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'm still a bit new in the dnb scene so I don't really know much about it


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welcome mate, check out the members mix section, should be a few mixes with that kind of stuff in!
also the mixes and tracklisting section for established djs such as the ones you've mentioned


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hey! also realtively new to the dnb thing here in seattle in the states. just recently put together a rig and am learning to spin whatever i can get my hands on.