Reboot the System | Part 2 : Prolix - London's Burning Remix / Audio - Labrat Remix

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    This is the 2nd release in a 3 part series showcasing some of the drum and bass scene's brightest stars remixing selections from Gridlok's debut album "Break the System".

    Side A | Prolix (Ganja/Hardware/Virus) takes Gridlok and Dom’s storming tune “London’s Burning” and sends it even grimier, even nastier. Massive builds and massive drops, with Prolix’s signature ripping basslines in full effect.

    Side B | During the release of the “AUTOPSY” album we had a remix contest hosted by Sony on their Acidplanet website. The tune was called “Labrat” and the most impressive submission was by none other than drum and bass’s own Audio (Freak/Hardware/Virus). He’s come far since then having just wrapped up his new LP for Virus Recordings, but in that busy studio schedule he managed to give us a chugging new version of his remix which just couldn’t wait to be heard, so here it is!

    These tunes have been receiving heavy support from many of the top djs in the scene such as: Andy C, AK1200, A-Sides, Bad Company, Cause 4 Concern, Dieselboy, Ed Rush, Friction, Noisia, Pendulum, Total Science, State of Mind, the Upbeats, and many more.

    Available on 12" vinyl and digital in August 2010.

    Head over to to listen to audio clips.