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not entirely sure what you mean here so...

if you mean only using the filter of a specific synth/sampler for one section of the song, then it's all about 'automation'. select the instrument track in the arrangement window, go to Edit and select Parameter Automation. here you can add a separate track just for the for the filter sweep, value at '0' being 'off'.

if you mean putting a filter i.e ECF-42 over certain elements of the track (rather than the whole mix), then use the Spider Audio Merger - route all the instruments you want filtering through this, then out into the ECF-42. as this means all the instruments will now be coming through one L-R channel you may want to make sure all levels and panning are right before you route them. you could send them through one of the line mixers rather than the Spider if you want more control. You can create an Automation Channel for the Filter to bypass it when not needed.

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what do these knobs do?
can any one help me out i have reason and i want to put filters on certain parts of my tunes but dont know how. i can only put filters on the whole section, any advice?

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go this place download some of the song files and see how others do it then experiment, read Q&A threads on forums , practise until you like what you hear. hehe im downloading a few RPS's now sometimes you find some little bueaties hehehehe .....

cool place i think anyway :2thumbs:
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right click, create filter

if u want to do it on the whole song i would put it on the main mixer, and keep it bypassed then automate is to go on when u want it to, thats how id do it anyway