Reason 4 Redrum Question

mad scientist

Jul 11, 2004
How do you stop your drum pattern at a certain point after its playing in the sequencer. For example, I've gotten to point in my song where I need the drums to go silent (like the breakdown in the middle of a tune). Even though the recorded notes in the sequencer has ended, the drum pattern continues to play on. It looks as though the Redrum machine is still running too. How can I stop that??

Thanks for any and all help


Thinkin outside the box..
Apr 28, 2008
Essex, UK
theres a little "pattern" button on the bottom of the redrum (right above the little 1 - 8grid), if ur beats have been copied onto the sequencer always make sure that button is switched off (so theres no light in it, all u gta do is click on it) otherwise ur playing 2 copies of the same beat.

so basically u should only have that on when ur programming ur beats in the redrum itself, once uve copied it to the sequencer always make sure its off ;)
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