Reason 4 or Cubase 4?

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I noticed reason 4 costs about £250 now

and cubase around £300 to £350

but is cubase maybe better than reason and still good value for money?

i dont want people to be biased on one side cus they or there m8 has it or soming. i want true facts here :D

so wich is better and good value for money? :rik:


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i have both but only use cubase
its the best program for pc even if it is more expensive you will not be disapointed
although it takes a while to learn how to use, once you know a bit about it the possiblities are endless mate.
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well, i wont say if one is better than the other. these two programs couldnt be more different.
Cubase is amazing, i love it despite all its glitches and faults.
But it took me the better part of 3 years to move inside it with confidence.
Another thing to consider is that whilst the price difference is quite small, Reason is a ready made environment, with fixed generators and effects.
Cubase is a host.
What this means, is that if you have reason, your only worry will be gathering samples, and learning how to make the most out of each unit.
With cubase, sonar, logic, reaper etc, its a never-ending pursuit of getting the newest plug in or synth that the market has hyped as the next best thing after oral sex. and trust me, this is a vicious circle that many self taught producers have fallen into, with most common result despair and frustration, and ultimately, surrender.
Many think that reason's inability to host third party plug ins is a downfall. i think that having a limited amount of tools pushes you into using them to their limits, and also stops you from becoming a gearslut...

dont wanna patronise you, but if i guess correctly you're just starting your venture in music making.
If that's the case, then id suggest you buy Reason, and a good editing program, eg Wavelab or Soundforge. The purpose of the latter is to allow you to chop/trim samples in audio, just like you'd do in cubase.
Theres tons of acclaimed producers that use just that combination.
Limewax, Cooh, Nu Tone, Logistics. list is bloody endless. i read sumthin bout Liam from prodigy using it loads too, but i have my doubts...
hope this helps a bit, and just like everything else you read in production forums, dont take this advice as a holy book, but rather a starting point for your own research.


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yeah agree with GorDo on this one, Reason is a ready to use package, 4 has got some nice soft synths, a whole rack of effects etc etc, Cubase is all about getting plug-ins although i have to say as I have both (and use both, rewired) and personally i do most my beat programming / basses etc on reason and currently ony use Cubase as a sampler (which i'm hoping to progress to use more as i now have some nice synths like z3ta about to get massive)

definaltey Reason's biggest shortfall is that it is VST incompatible - all reason users will tell u that as well! lol but i still have a soft spot for it as i've learnt most my producing skills on there

why not try demos of both and make an informed choice that way?


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Hmmm you see obviously if you gonna buy only one of them chose a Cubase That is a complete sequencer that have much more to offer than reason and beside routing is much simpler ... you don't have to connecting those wacky cables ...
Just put and assign them on audio buses so ...
You know that are very different programs again if you need a nice right from the box groove and drum patterns making software ... then you should get a reason too ...
It is simple for such thing
but on cubase you can even master the track arranging and making final mix is straight forward in cubase and similar software like Pro Tolls ;)
So I suggest take a cubase 4 Even Cubase 3 can do the job just get Native instruments package with Kontakt Battery ...
Find some Vst-fx and Vsti's and enjoy making music :)))
go for cubase studio 4 (comes with a dongle), about £170 i think. Buy your daw mate and you dont want to mess about with dodgysoft for your main sequencing.

if you go for another option you may find in a year you want to move over anyway then you will have to spend time on the learning curve again.