Reason 2.0

dj BigKay

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Oct 21, 2002
How many of you guys use Reason 1.0/2.0?

Hos does it work with midisynths? Good?

Are the modules in the program touch-sensible? Good Qvantisation? (how does that spell?)...

I use reason 2.0 now, and it works great. Im about to get a midisynth and a good soundcard.. What software do you guys recomend?


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Oct 27, 2002
Adelaide, Australia
reason 2.0 is good.. for some ppl it may take a while to get into the sequencing side of things.. its a lil slow to start off with and if you dont have some sort of controller keyboard, its pretty slow once you're experienced too..

sounds are ok but there's only so much you can do with the two synths..

and yes the modules are program touch sensitive.. plus you can make a box of just knobs, plug it up, wire it up with reason and then assign each knob to any of the knobs you have in the program..

eveything is automatable so it does have potential.. but there's only so much you can do with it... especially with regards to the synth.. the new advanced sampler is quite nice tho..

better option is to rewire it into sonar 2 xl so as to make the most of vst/dx plugins too..

the best thing about reason tho is for those who have come from a tracker sort of background, reason can just simple input samples from a wave source quite easily.. as shown by the sampler, and also by the redrum drum machine.. who says you have to use that for drum sounds. =) same thing with recycle if you want to make the most of the dr.rex in reason..

hope this helps a bit..
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