Rear port vs front ported speakers



Thinking about buying the Adam t5v. My only reservation is that it is a rear ported speaker, so I think I will need it further from a wall than if I were to buy a front ported speaker like the Rokit 5?

Does it make a difference to where I should place it in the room, whether it is front or rear ported?

Like you say. Rear ported speakers will need to be further from the wall so depends on how much space you have.
Adam audio make great products though. How about these? Possibly on the small side for dnb production mind.

The proximity to a wall behind (or even worse in a corner) will always affect the bass response due to boundary reinforcement. Unless the speakers been designed to be used very close to a rear wall they will need some space behind. Putting the port on the front will give a little extra distance from the wall.

I've got a pair of T7Vs and I'm very happy with them.
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