Realyze00A Released May 24th

This is the first outing for Realyze Records. Our goal is to push out the sound of stateside underground drum and bass in all of its forms. Keeping in line with the true DIY ethic of electronic music, we are proud to realease this limited edition white label as our first outing. Thanks for being a part of pushing the sound of stateside dnb.

This first release is from Chibosa. MC, Producer and Promoter, Chibosa has been a part of the regional scene for several years. This first release captures both the dark elements with 'Shinjuku' on the a side and the more fun side of Chibosa's sound with 'The Guy'on the flip.

Real Audio
The Guy

MP3 Sample
Realyze00A Sampler

Thanks to everyone who has helped and supported us along the way. This is just the first release with more to come. Look for info on Realyze00B in the third quarter of 2004.
Available May 24, 2004 at:

LA Abstract 002 - Release Date May 24th 2004
Come Down - 2sense, Gyromite, Chiba
Government - 2sense, Gyromite

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